anyone have problems/infections/headaches with ommayra resevoir?

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My wife had an ommayra resevoir put in for chemo. On the same day she had a med port put in internal jugular. For 2 days in ICU she had severe headaches and vomiting. Turns out she has a staff infection (not mrsa) in her IJ med port which was removed. 2 weeks after the Ommayra resevoir was put in her headaches are increasing in frequency and severity along with duration. The doctors haven't figured out if the staff infection is playing a part in the headaches or if it's the cancer itself rapidly advancing. One suggestion was that as the chemo kills the cancer cells the dead cells are creating blockage through the csf pathways. Has anyone had anything like this happen?


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    Sorry to hear that Lizzie.
    Sorry to hear that Lizzie. My father has a grade IV brain tumor he had 2 surgeries just to remove the tumor. After the 2nd surgerie he caught infection after that surgery he caight another infection in his wound and that has caused his tumor to grow more rapidly. Unfortunately he cantsee very good or hear he also doesn't wanna eat and the doc has said that there's nothing else they can do for him but the hospice care. It devastating seeing some one you love suffer and now they have given him 1 month of life. We have something alike and just hope for the best my prayers are with you and you're family.