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I am having a re-excision to get wider margins. I have been reading posts where it is worse than the lumpectomy? My surgeon says it is much easier? I was off wrok from Dec 8th through January 13th for my lumpectomy and this time they are saying I will have surgery May 14th and I can return on Tuesday the 17th as long as my job does not require lifting. I am having the re-excision by own choice due to close but clear marging. And I have a seroma? Anyone have any experience like this? I just finished Chemo April 20th.

God Bless

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No I haven't had this, but, want to wish you good luck. May I ask why if your margins were clean that you want them to take out more tissue? I thought all we wanted were clean margins, meaning they got all of the cancer and even some extra tissue surrounding it.

Take care, Diane!

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My margins were clear but close. They found multifocal cells which I hope chemo got rid of. I am her2+ which means my cancer is more aggressive. I have Ductual Invasive stage 1 grade 2b. I want to do "everything" I can to protect myself against reoccurance. I actually wanted them to do a mastectomy, but they kept telling me I didn't need one and the survival rate was the same. I would have had to post-pone my surgery for another month, and I just wanted the cancer out. They were suprised that I was her2+. I went to a second opinion clinic and I expressed my concerns to them which included a team of Drs. All who specialize in BC. A Surgeon, pathologist, Breast Health nurse, med oncologist, Onc radiologist, plastic surgeon. They agreed that it would not be a bad idea to get WIDER margins even though mine were clear. I also had to see another Oncol while mine was on vacation and he agreed. My own Med oncologist says it would not be a bad idea either. So I am going for wider, clean margins. They will send this tissue to the lab, so it will help make sure we got it all. I also developed a seroma on the same breast but opposite side. They will take care of that as well. Just want to be sure.

God Bless

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Just want to wish you the best of luck rrogers34!

♥ Noel

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I did not have a re-excision. I had a lumpectomy with sentinal node excision. I'm assuming they took lymph nodes at the time of your original lumpectomy? If so, then maybe the re-excision will be easier because they only have to do surgery on the breast area and not in the lymph node area. That being said, I've seen so many posts from folks whose doctor's didn't adequately prepare them for whatever procedure, I'd tend to pay attention what those who've actually gone through it have to say. Since everyone is different, I think the best you can do is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I would also think that the proximity of your chemo would have an effect on how quickly you will recover. Are you feeling fully recovered from that, or are you still tired? You'll need to make sure you have enough strength to tackle radiation, so just don't try to push yourself too hard. If you don't feel you're ready to go back to work, just make sure to communicate with your doctor on how you're feeling, and I'm sure he will work with you make sure you don't hurt yourself.

I was off work for 2 weeks for my lumpectomy, although I could probably have gone back sooner than that if I'd pushed it. I chose to take the whole two weeks off to make sure my body was healed for the next step.

Hope all goes well with your surgery and that you are able to bounce back quickly. It would be great if you do feel up to going back to work after only a few days. Please keep us posted when you can on how you're doing.


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Alexis F
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Good luck with your surgery Becky!

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I just had a re-excision last week (May 5th) and went to work the next day. I did not have any pain and I have a low threshold for pain. I took one pain killer in recovery, two ibuprofen before bed and have been fine. I did not have much pain from my lumpectomy, either. I was a bit surprised at how fast the surgery center sent me home and I did sleep for most of the day from the anaesthesia, but again, no pain. I wish you the same pain-free experience.


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Yes, I had to have a re-excision as well. Apparently very common with lumpectomy's. I was mad at first ( how come you didn't get it all the first time ) but then of course realized that it was for the good.
It was a piece of cake! The incision on my breast never gave me much trouble anyway. The armpit did of course, drain etc.
They use the same incision and it never even caused me any pain.
Best of luck to you.

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I am scheduled for this Friday. Origianlly, I was scheduled at One hospital with my Breast Onco Surgeon. I have my appt set up for the consultant with the radiologist May 27th. Monday my surgeons office called and said she would be out for 6 weeks. YIPES!!!!! God is truly amazing, we were able to find another Breast Surgeon, but now I will be at a different hospital. Same day as originally scheduled. Now, hopefully I will be able to stay on track with my treatment. Please remember me in prayer, that they wont find anything else!

God Bless and Thanks for all of the responses.

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Good luck with your surgery on Monday rrogers! Sending you prayers!

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Sending you positive thoughts for your surgery. Update us when you can.

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Best of luck with your surgery, Becky! I'm sure you feel good about doing everything you can! Good for you!

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I will be thinking of you and praying for you Becky!

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