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mom's bleeding due to critical lab results..this is so frustrating.!!

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my mom was bleeding vaginally a few days ago..took her to er and they said it was just vaginitis and sent her home...i didnt believe thats what it was..i told them 3 times to check her blood counts..they wouldnt do it....then i find out today that the most recent lab results she just had were critical...they asked me if she was bleeding or had a fever..i said yes thats why i took her to er....they are so dumb at kaiser in baldwin park..omg.....she is doing ok right now no fever and she stopped bleeding..but they left an urgent message with her doctor..so now we have to see what he wants her to do...i hope she doesnt have to go to the hospital...i just wanted to get through this month without that...last month she was in the hospital needing a blood transfusion...her body just does not like the monthly temodar...anyone have this many problems with temodar? i dont know what to do..this is only her second month on the 5 days a month temodar and again her body is responding badly....is this normal?

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