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doctors and bad bedside mannors

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I just took my 10 year old daughter to the doctor last night because she was running a high fever and she could hardly walk and crying her head was hurting. I had to keep calming her down because she was sure she was dying like my husband her dad did almost 4 months ago with esophigial cancer. She had the same complaints and in her mind she was going to die. I told the doctor when he came in she was scared she was going to die like her dad did from cancer. He kind of laughed it off and said to her " well you can eat I am sure so you don't have the same thing your dad did." I was so mad to hear him say this I wanted to hit him but I had to help calm my daughter down after that comment. I had to reassure her she had something that an antibiotic would fix and she didn't have cancer and she was going to be ok. All I was wanting from this doctor was a little back up and empathy from him to help calm a grieving little 10 year old girl whos daddy just died and left her. I have thought about this all day and I am going to complain to membership services regarding this doctor. I am also waiting to hear back from the psycholigist to see when I can get her in for some counseling. Of course its worse now because she is sick and upset all together. Wow I guess this peditrician hasn't had to deal with much cancer issues.

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I once heard someone make a statement about doctors that really puts things in prospective. He said to keep in mind that 90% of the doctors didn't graduate at the top of their class. Even those who do don't always learn good people skills. I have a friend who had an emergency doctor walk into her husband's room and tell her that he had looked at the tests, her husband had cancer, there was nothing he could do, and that her husband was going to die. He did die less than 2 days later. They had no prior warning that he was sick. You would think that the doctor could have been a little more empathetic if not sympathetic. I'm sorry you met one that was just as clueless. Take care, Fay

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