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Are headaches after treatment for GBM normal?

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My mom finished treatment with flying colors. Her only side-effect (some hearing loss) is beginning to resolve. Things were looking up, until her headaches returned a few days ago. And, the headaches are in the same place they were when she began having symptoms of GBM. Also, before she started radio/chemo and six weeks after surgery, she began having headaches; an MRI showed tumor regrowth. I am really scared that the headaches mean that the therapy did little to slow tumor growth. We have to wait another month for the first post-treatment MRI, and I am terribly anxious.

I would appreciate it if anyone has any reassuring stories to tell. Did any of your loved ones get headaches after treatment and still experience tumor shrinkage? I know: everyone is different. But, some hope would make it easier to get through the next four weeks.


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