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Preparing for the end

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I have not posted on this board for some time. My Mom's battle with uterine cancer is coming to an end. She was started on a Morphine drip for pain control this afternoon. It is sad and depressing. I will miss her so much!

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You will both remain in my prayers. I wish you both peace and comfort. I know how sad and depressed you must feel. In peace and comfort.

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Sending you all I can...my thoughts and prayers.

You being with her will help in her transition. May she be comforted by the Morphine.

I have been where you are now when my Father battled Prostate Cancer. I know how hard it has been for you, how hard it is now.

May your memories of her be a wonderful source of comfort. You are a great child.


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I have seen so many deaths in my family and is often amazed how the God of this universe has created us in such a way that we do not believe that we are capable of enduring such great pain of losing a mother to such a horrible disease, but we can endure and you will get through this. This is the other phase of our lives, Believe me my darling, we have to face it and do our best to make mom comfortable. I honestly believe that heartfelt prayers and good support at this time will help you and your mom face this in a dignified manner.(There is a scripture in the Bible that speaks of the condition of the dead (Ecclesiastes 9:5 "For the living are conscious that the will die, but for the dead they are conscious of nothing at all".) So when mom passes she will not feel anymore pain or suffering, she will be at peace.
Please take care of yourself and those around you because it is so easy at this time not to notice how hard it is on other members of the family. What is mom's age and is there a dad? I wish I was close to you to give you a big hug. But, believe me you will be alright!!!!!
Give mom a big hug and keep us informed on how she is doing. I just went through this with a friend, so I know your pain, Oh! if only I can take away some of that awful feeling from you, But it does get better! God bless!

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My prayers are with you during this difficult time. I lost my father to colon cancer and we were with him when he left. His death was so miraculous; I know he saw something but could not tell us what. I suspect it was his father who died when he was two, his son, and of course the one that holds us all in his hands, God. Prayers to you for strength. Please take care of yourself. God loves your family.

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You're in my prayers and know this is a very difficult time. Enjoy the time you have with you mom and keep the faith. Life isn't fair, but somewhere in the maze we need to find a positive light to get us thru the rough times...

Best always,

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Cecile Louise
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I add my thoughts and prayers for you and your Mom. My heart goes out to you both. Your Mother has in you a strong, wonderful daughter. May you both find peace in this hardest of times.

Hugs and much love,

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my father died of cancer after a year long battle. There is great saddness in the loss of a parent. i was very close to my dad. Automatically dialed his phone number for quite a few years after his death, whenever i got good news or had a story to tell, he was my best friend while he was alive. i know you'll miss your mom. one thing i never did with my dad (when his time at end was near) was write him a letter and tell him all the things he had meant to me over the years-- , and all the reasons all of my life i had been so grateful he was my father. i wish i had taken the time to do that one last thing.

Do the best you can and let that be enough.

don't really know what to say.

you are in my thoughts.


The very hardest thing is to say good bye. you just don't want to do it, it feels like the end of hope. But realize that you've done the very best you could with all the love you had. your mother knows you did.

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I will be remembering you in my prayers. I lost my mother to cancer many years ago when I was 12. It is never easy to lose your Mom no matter what the age. Please let us know how you are doing. {{big hug}}}

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You are in my prayers, sweetie.

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it was very sad to read of your mother's impending death, and i'm so sorry it's happening for you both. i lost my mother 9 months ago of pneumonia; she was 96 and it was a peaceful death, yet i wasn't ready to say goodbye even then. you'll get through this very, very sad time, but it's a loss that always stays with you. i hope you also can hold all the good memories you have of her. i'm wishing you peace of mind.

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You and your sweet mom are in my prayers. How blessed you both have been to share this special time with each other. Just as she cared for you ... now you cared for her. As birht is a holy time so is death a holy time. I lived with my sweet mother for seven years before she died this was 20 years ago and I still miss her. May the peace and love of Our Lord be with you during this difficult time ... you, your family and your mother are in my prayers.

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All mother's die too young!!!

My prayers are with you, your mom, and family. Mary Ann

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I am sure that I read something about a recurrence. I am not sure if it is you Maryann. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. God bless, good health to you. June

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