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left lower lung nodule

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I recently was diagnosed with lower left lung nodule. Emergency Physician informed me it was cancer without doing further tests other than CT Scan. I then later had a CT with Contrast to find out if it was progressing. Unfortunately,I no longer have the doctor that ordered the CT so I don't know at this time. It did alarm me and I'm concerned. I was informed that if the nodule is progressing it was diffently cancer? I did previously like 3 years ago have 6 broken ribs and was hoping and praying that was the reason for the nodule. But because I do smoke I was told it was cancer. Please help with any comments or suggestions.

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I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you but I would strongly suggest you post in the Lung Cancer section of this site.
You can find it here.
I wish you the best

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Tina Blondek
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Hi FreedomLady,
Sorry you are going through this difficult time. I would suggest that you quickly get a second opinion. You will need to have a P E T scan of your lungs, which will show much more detail, and then have a biopsy done. There is no way to tell if it is cancer or not without a biopsy. I would not waste anytime in this matter. Where do you live?

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Hi freedomlady,
I just HAD to answer your post. I am 8 mos out clean PET from head & neck cancer. (Hooray) I had a CT scan WITH CONTRAST, and they found 10 nodules on my lungs.
I spoke to the Drs. and they are concerned, but not alarmed. I am a smoker. The Dr said he had an 80 yr old lady in, and she had many nodules. No problem. It does not necessarily mean it is cancer. I will see a lung doctor next week, which is the normal next step.
Most likely, depending on the size of the nodules, they will watch every 3-6 months. My husband has had a nodule for 5 years that has not changed. Please do not panic. What is the size of the nodule? Even though you do not have this Dr, I hope you have, or can get the actual CD/written report of CT/contrast for your files. The place where you went usualy is very cooperative. Always get all copies of bloodwork, scans, etc. - it makes it easier to move to a new doctor. One step at a time. Message me if you want on CSN Email. I would like to hear from you.

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