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New here...mom dx w/sclc w/mets March 1st

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My mother was dx 3/1, small cell lung cancer w/mets to the brain. Over 20 tumors, they put her on decodran, and began radiation to her head. She had 12 treatments. She presented with slurred speech and balance issues, they needed to tackle the brain w/radiation to stop neurological damage. So far it seems successful, but they have not rescanned yet. She had 1st chemo on 3/30, went ro 2nd and they sent her to the ER. She was having difficulty walking that had worsened. The did MRI or CT (?) and found tumors on her thoratic spine. So, off of chemo and back to radiation. 12 rounds again. Resumed her 3 days of chemo last week. So far so good. She has nasusea from the radiation to her spine. If that would go away, I think she would feel much better.

She is not able to eat well, but drinking boost and ensure to get some nurishment. She is 66 yrs old and prior to this could and did run circles around me!! So healthy and full of life. I know this is a long process and full of ups and downs. We all try to stay focused and are involved in her treatment plan.

So happy to have found this group for support.......sorry for the rambling post!

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Hi there,

My mom (77 years old) was diagnosed in Feb with lung cancer and has one spot on her brain. She went through round 1 of chemo last Mon-Wed. She also has COPD so it has been difficult getting her breathing regulated and she has been in the hospital for nearly 2 months.

They are working to get her strength back but she has recently stopped eating and is having difficulty swallowing so her food is now ground or pureed as well as her medications.

I'm constantly having doubts about her hospital and wonder all the time if I should move her to a larger facility with better resouces. We have one of the top hospitals just down the road.

At this point our biggest battle is her depression and anxiety..which they are trying to treat with medication. But I don't know how to help her emotionally, I am too close to the situation that she won't open up to me or my sister.

Its been a very long tiring 3 months of ups and downs, infections, falls, etc.

I am glad your mom seems to be tolerating her chemo so well.

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In November 2007, my mother was diagnosed with Stage III Colon cancer. After undergoing an emergency colon resection, she developed an infection and a subsequent tough recovery. Several weeks later, she developed a dry, persistent cough. After receiving a needle point biopsy, PET scan and CT scan, she was diagnosed with Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer w/ Metastasis to the Adrenal Glands on March 1, 2008. She began chemotherapy the following Monday. Since that time, the cancer returned in March 2009 and again in December of the same year. I have provided a timeline of her history below.

November 2007-Diagnosed w/Stage III Colorectal Cancer
Underwent a colon resection one day following the diagnosis.

March 2008-Diagnosed w/Extensive Stage SCLC

March 2008-Began 6 cycles of combination chemotherapy (Cisplatin+Etoposide)
*A total of 3 days/wk-1st day = 8hrs, 2nd & 3rd day=Approx. 90 min.

May 2008-Colonoscopy repeated w/good results.

May-October 2008-Radiation Therapy to the Abdomen, Chest and Prophylactic Irradiation to the Brain
*(5 days/wk)

March - May 2009-Began 2nd line treatment (Irenotecan)
*Approx. 6 cycles (Once/wk)

December 2009- Evidence of further growth in the adrenal glands and slight growth in the right lobe of her lung.

January 2010-Present
Began 3rd line chemotherapy (Taxol)
*Once/wk for approx. 120 min.

At the time of this post, I'm typing from the hospital's ER. My mother has been weak and increasingly less alert for the past three weeks. After a CT scan of her brain and a chest x-ray, the preliminary result is that the cancer has metastasized. She's being admitted for further testing (MRI/Contrast CT) in the morning.

In addition, prior to her last recurrence, she was routinely scanned at least once/6-9 wks. In addition, chest x-rays are completed before the start of each new line of treatment.

I should also mention that my mother has a previous history of congestive heart failure and now lives with an artificial heart valve. That surgery took place in 1996.


hope0310 - your post finally motivated me to share...so Thanks in advance.

Since the time of the ER visit (roughly one month ago), my mother rec'd 10 cycles of radiation to her brain. Like your mother, she takes Decadron (twice daily). Just two weeks later and one day before she was scheduled to complete radiation, she was admitted once again thru the ER and traces of pneumonia were detected.

After that visit, hospice care became more of a reality. My mother has completed 3 lines of chemotherapy, 2 separate cycles of radiation and she's a fighter! As of Friday, my siblings and I met with 2 separate hospice agencies for in-home care. It's extremely difficult to deal with (both emotionally and physically), but I know that GOD has the final say. Try your best to remain positive. Do your research, pay very close attention, and don't be afraid to ask questions----she needs you now more than ever.

Feel free to contact me whenever you need me and know that I'm available.
I hope this helps. ;-)

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It is so hard to know what to question when dealing with this, but if you are uncomfortable than by all means move your mother to the other facility. Does her doc pratice there? If so they could help facilitate the move. Or are you looking into new doc as well? Stay strong....

roseschild, sounds like you have been through a tough couple of years, I hope you are taking care of yourself along the way. It is a difficult thing to do, I know that in the shrot 2 months I have been dealing with this it is hard to break away from reality. I do not know if you have ever dealt with hospice, but they are a wonderful organization when that time does come. A huge comfort. We had them in for my grandmother one time and they have a phamphlet on dying that was very comforting. Turns out she snapped back...

I have been to a good bit of mom's appts, I am the official note taker and question asker!! I hate to get second hand info....but I cannot always be there, my stepdad and brother are helping as well. (plus my husband)

It is just so heartbreaking that in all this world we cannot find a cure for all of this mess!!

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**sorry double post**

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Seems as though mom's nausea is a little better, but has not increased her food consumption much at all. Now the issue is constipation. You would think with not much going "in" this would not be an issue. She dealt with this last week and tried so hard to get in extra fluids etc so she would not be back in this situation.

She has gone for fluids a couple days this week, and hopefully will start round 2 of chemo on Monday (I saw hopfeully because they took blood yesterday to see if she had an infection in her port)

Things change so quickly from day to day on how she feels.....

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just found out my mom has lung cancer. we get the results of what kind next week. she did a mri to see if it has spread to her brain. we do know that it made it to her liver. Is there hope?

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