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Surgery scheduled---do I go to hospital for testing prior to surgery date

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I have my surgery scheduled for June 1st.

I was just reviewing all the instructions that were mailed to me a couple of weeks ago and there is a handwritten note at the bottom of the bowel cleansing instructions that says:

"Please call 913-676-XXXX if you have not heard from nurses at hospital by 5/19/10 for pre-testing instructions"

I have no idea what that means. My guess is I go in 10-12 days early and they maybe draw blood so they know my blood type in case a transfusion is needed, but really that is just a guess. Maybe they want to make sure I am not a diabetic or something??? Any guesses?

Did anybody else go to the hospital 10-12 days early for some sort of testing?

It is no big deal since I am 20 minutes from the hospital, I was just wondering


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I believe most surgeons want an echo of the heart for surgery clearance and some blood work... Prior to surgery

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That , and mine also wanted a chest x-ray..etc...

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I had to have some pre admission testing done prior to the surgery. Chest x-ray, ekg, blood work (typing and matching). I also had to go to a doctor for pre surgery clearance. Usually you primary doc can do this, but if you have ever been to a cardiologist (which I had), they want you to go back to the cardiologist and get an ekg and echo done.


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I had the same tests described by others - a visit to the hosp. one week before.
Chest x-ray, blood work, quick exam, medical history, visit with the finance people to understand what / how I would be paying, signoff on living will, etc. Tour of the area, where I needed to go for checkin, where the waiting area was for family, what to expect in the room, pre op requirements. Took a few hours for all the stuff, but at least I was well prepared, and there was nothing to do of substance other than show up on surgery day.

I also had to visit my GP for a surgery clearance, and my colo-rectal guy (I had colon issues in the past) for a clearance from him.

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Thank you for responding.

I didn't know they had to do all those things.


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The anesthesiologist called the night before surgery to be sure that I did not have a cold, runny nose, diarrhea, etc., as those factors might cause problems with his work. It was strongly suggested early in the process that I stay away from crowds, anyone who had cold, flu, sinus issues, etc. for at least the week before my surgery, lest I catch one, and have to reschedule.

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With my surgeon (William Catalona-the guy who introduced the PSA test, perfected the nerve sparing process and has done over 5000 Open procedures- http://www.drcatalona.com/default.asp) he required the following plus his web site is packed with all sort of good pre and post surgery information.

All blood and urine tests need to be repeated no more
than THREE WEEKS prior to your surgery.
•Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential
•Basic chemistry panel (also called a basic
metabolic profile)
•Protime (PT) with INR/PTT
*ANY blood thinners should be STOPPED TWO
Weeks BEFORE these tests. (See Instructions for
•Acid Phosphatase (If PSA 10 or higher and/or if
Gleason score is 7 or higher)
•Urinalysis (UA)
•Urine Culture and Sensitivity (even if UA is
•Type/Cross for 1 Unit, Auto Blood
All other tests that have been done within ONE year prior to surgery
DO NOT have to be repeated however the results NEED to be faxed to
XXXXXXX BEFORE your appointment/surgery.
•Chest X-Ray (PA & Lateral)
•Electrocardiogram (ECG) of the heart
NOTE: If you had a stress test, the EKG for that stress
test will NOT be acceptable for a regular EKG; you will
have to forward both results.
•Whole body bone scan (please check with your
insurance for possible pre-certification)
•Computed Tomography (CT) scan of the abdomen
and pelvis with and without
If applicable send a letter of medical clearance for surgery from your Primary Care
Physician and/or Cardiologist,..

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