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Numoisyn™ Lozenges- Has anyone tried these?

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Has anyone ever heard of this? Tried it?

Below is the ad copy..
I have tried gum and mints without success at this point.

Numoisyn™ Lozenges are formulated to increase salivary secretion by stimulating gustatory (taste) pathways. They contain sorbitol and flavorings to stimulate normal salivation and provide temporary relief of dry mouth in patients who have some residual secretory function and taste perception. Numoisyn Lozenges support saliva’s natural protection of teeth so that teeth are not damaged with repeated use of the lozenges. The lozenges dissolve slowly as they are moved around in the mouth. They are safe and effective for long-term use and well tolerated by patients. Furthermore, use of Numoisyn Lozenges has been shown to improve subjective symptoms of dry mouth without causing bacteria or plaque formation or loss of tooth enamel hardness.

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I use the Numoisyn lozenges. They do help some & definitely do more than anything else I've tried. They're cheap on my insurance plan, so that's a plus too. I wouldn't call them a miracle drug and my RO says results vary greatly. I use them in conjunction with the Numoisyn liquid- a saliva sbstitute- and have had pretty good results. I'm still not eating bread or dry meat, but I do get through the day better.


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New product. Dr gave me samples. Dissolve the powder in water. works great so far

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