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SPOHNC (Support for people with Head and Neck Cancer)

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I have been cruising around this website,and they are looking for volunteers.
So I am forwarding the info;
Below is the link


Become part of SPOHNC's

If you are a survivor of oral and head and neck cancer you know the importance of reliable information. You may also have gained strength and resolve from the support and encouragement of others who "walked in your shoes."

Become a survivor volunteer if you:

* Have the desire to help others
* Have good listening skills
* Have good telephone communication skills
* Have the ability to use a computer and to send email
* Have a willingness to learn about different types of oral and head and neck cancer, their treatments and side effects of treatment as they affect quality of life
* Are willing to participate in teleconference training calls
* Are a member of SPOHNC

...then, we encourage you to contact SPOHNC by phone at 1-800-377-0928, or by email at info@spohnc.org to join our volunteer network. Please consider contributing your personal insight and expertise by volunteering to help others in need!

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Thanks for the information. I'm not working, and would be happy to volunteer some time. I sent them an email to that effect.


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They have no forum, you should let them know of our forum if they want information, LOL. We are a huge source of information, communication and experience.

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Just the newsletter is worth the price of admission. They also sponsor support groups all across the United States. The way to get in a forumn is to attend your local monthly meetings. Our group also has guest speakers on issues related to our cancer, i.e. Dentists, Radiologists etc. Groups are not for everyone but certainly the organization is a noble and worthy cause. I just got my april newsletter and the leading article is " Advanced radiation therapy techniques for head and neck cancer. I encourage everyone to subscibe.

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Another great organization that is looking for volunteer's is The Oral Cancer Foundation! They are really working hard to educate the public about oral, head and neck cancer and the importance of getting an annual screening. You can contact OCF at 949-723-4400 of info@oralcancerfoundation.org
OCF also operates a forum, specifically for oral head and neck cancer patiets, survivors and care givers. I have personally benefited from all the information they offer on their website: www.oralcancer.org

We should all do our part in order to spread the word about this horrible disease.

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