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Swelling of face after surgery

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May seem like a silly question but my anestesiologist called and discussed my surgery. During the conversation he said expect some facial swelling...to the point sometimes the relatives may not recognize you for a day or so... Anyone? Is this painful?

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Never heard of this and I had no face swelling? Perhaps it is the type of drugs he is using?

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You are on the table upside down.....keeps the blood and organs out of the surgical field....well not totally upside down....all the blood will go to your face and head...and we are talking about a few hours here...

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Mine said the same. I didn't have any problem. They said it was a risk of the position they put you in for the surgery, combined with the gas they use to inflate your prostate bed for the surgery. The gas has to go somewhere.

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His face was noticeably swollen after surgery. They told us to expect it. From the trendelenburg position (head down) during surgery. It went away in a few days. No pain, no big deal really...he is fine.

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Good luck on the surgery. Keep us posted on your progress after you get back home. I had some minor swelling but it was only for the time in the hospital. By the next day when I went home, it had gone down considerably.
Talk to you soon.


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