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Small update...

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Had my appt with doc last Wednesday. He won't restart the oxi. No biggie, I guess. He said when your body starts rejecting it, it's time to quit.

So, right now, I'm only on the 5FU and leucovorin. No avastin, nothing else.

I'm OK with this. We had a long talk about the oxi. His averages in his office are there is only about small amt of people that get past 4 to 5 doses of oxi before they have a reaction. Mine was 6 and part of a 7th.

I seriously think I'm gonna be fine. If I find that it comes back, I do something else.:)

I don't anticipate that anything else is gonna happen. I've felt for a long time that my cancer is totally gone. I've also got this voice telling the same thing. Probably the same voice that told me I needed to get my butt in and get screening. "Dad, is that you?" LOL

Anyway... love and hugs to all here. It's so weird that I really do love all of you. I've not met a one of you, but I still have these feelings of fondness that you helped me out and that you're all so giving and compassionate. Even if done in laughter and joy.


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It sounds like your onc has a plan, you have a plan (which probably won't even be needed!) We love you too Holly, + I wish all good things for your remaining treatments! Take good care!

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Not weird, Holly - more like the way it should be with each other I think - connections are made and bonds are formed - from those, true friendships can develop even though we are miles away by distance - but we are all "next door" in our hearts and our minds.

We've all been more open with each other than other relationships in our lives - it does not surprise me that our feelings for one another would be equally strong and loving as well. We share a common cause - we were introduced through technology - and many of us have met each other in person - and we've discovered what we probably knew all along - we're all OK:)

We're just people deep down inside - with our fears, frailties, joys and sadness - we met through a forum, but we could have met anywhere and still hit it off.

When one opens their minds to the possibilities that Life has to offer, it is often rewared two-fold. From your post, I can tell that you "get that." That's good - that's one of the keys to the kingdom.

Take care, darlin':)


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No more Oxy - Yeah. George is on 5FU, Leucovorin but he does get the Avastin every other week. No problems at all although I think he is a little more fatigued on the day of infusion. His infusion only lasts about 30/40 minutes and he is on his way. He still gets his blood tested every week before infusion. You should be able to handle this without problems.

Take care- Tina

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I too only made it to 6 rounds of oxi before my onc felt it was just to much for me to handle. I continued on leucovorin,avastin, 5-fu and a trial drug apomab until march when a CT scan showed progression. I am now on iriontecan and vectibix and hoping for the best. Your positive attitude will take you along way. I"Mpraying that all goes well for you. Blessings to all. Deb

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