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Wow....any advice please! My dad just diagnosed. Found in brain but started as lung.

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He has his first radiation consult tomorrow. He will have 10 treatments and then follow up scans and MRI's. I don't even know where to start. We've known about this for 11 days. They could not biopsy the place on his lung as it was too close to the heart. So he had brain surgery and they removed the biggest one, which was in the cerebellum (?) and they are treating the other two in the brain with radiation. They are located in his frontal lobe. He has had double and blurry vision for appx. 3 weeks, give or take. They said they would not even treat the place on his lung with radiation but he will have to take some kind of chemo pill. Sorry I'm being so vague but I am just so floored......don't even know his TRUE prognosis. Have also heard somewhat conflicting reports from family physician and neurosurgeon. One says vision may not get better and the other says it should. Possibly they are saying the same thing, but in different terms??? This crap sucks! In my mind, I'm thinking this has to be a horrible diagnosis. Holy crap, lung cancer mets to the brain???? Good grief, and what about the one on the lung being too close to his heart???

Any and all advice will be soooo appreciated. I am a 39 year old only child and my husband, son (whom is 9) and myself live with my Dad. He has a girlfriend of 8 months and she and I absolutely DO NOT GET ALONG. She attacked me verbally in the surgery waiting room but I've chosen to be the bigger/better person and just ignore her. My dad has to come first. How in the world do I continue to take care of my own family and my dad and make sure no one feels left out??? It has already started to effect my sons grades at school. I have to call and make an appointment with a therapist for him tomorrow.

I feel soooo overwhelmed!

Thank God for this site and you people on here!!!!!!

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well, we've had a minor (I hope) set back. we had to take dad back to the hospital yesterday. his incision is leaking what they think is spinal fluid. sent him for another MRI and was told that whatever the dr did would not be done today. he is SO angry and just wants to come home. says that no matter what happens, he's NOT going back to the hospital after he gets home from this....so, no radiation consult today. will have to reschedule as soon as I know what is going on.

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Well my grandmother went into the hospital for shortness of breath (its always short and shes on oxygen 24/7 but it was much worse this time.) When they sent her for her chest xray to check for pneumonia, it came back with small cell lung cancer. We started with the chemo treatments (for her case there are 4 treatments that we have to go to the hospital for 4 days every 3 weeks). They also did an MRI which showed spots on her brain very much like your father. So now we are starting radiation (14 treatments in a row) and will finish the chemo when she completes the radiation. Its scary to not know what is happening and just going back and forth between so many doctors, but it seems like you need help...call your nurses (generally I have found out that the nurses in the cancer center of your hospital, or treatment center are the most helpful and the most patient.) They have been lifesavers to my grandmother and I. From what I've been told small cell lung cancer is the easiest to treat, but also has a very high rate of return. The radiation should kill the cancer in his brain, and the chemo will take care of the lungs. (my grandma did not have surgery and we cannot have another CAT scan of the lung until radiation is over). The only advice I have is to be patient, enjoy the time now more than ever that you get to spend with your father, and have a serious talk with him about his girlfriend and with her. I hope this is a little bit helpful, as this is the first time I have been on this site, but have already found blogs and posts that make me feel better and like I am not alone.

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My mother was dx 3/1, small cell lung cancer w/mets to the brain. Over 20 tumors, they put her on decodran, and began radiation to her head. She had 12 treatments. She presented with slurred speech and balance issues, they needed to tackle the brain w/radiation to stop neurological damage. So far it seems successful, but they have not rescanned yet. She had 1st chemo on 3/30, went ro 2nd and they sent her to the ER. She was having difficulty walking that had worsened. The did MRI or CT (?) and found tumors on her thoratic spine. So, off of chemo and back to radiation. 12 rounds again. Resumed her 3 days of chemo last week. So far so good. She has nasusea from the radiation to her spine. If that would go away, I think she would feel much better.

I know I am rambling (first post!!) but it sounds like we are in similar shoes. Like missed36 said, small cell is very re-active, but it is also aggressive. Since they could not biopsy your dad, I am going on the assumption it is SCLC since he has the mets to the brain....??

Take care, take notes and always have hope. It is a long journey with ups and downs.

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thank you both so much.....he had surgery yesterday to reapir the leak. doc says it could happen again but he doesn't really think it will. now if i could just get him home so i can reschedule the radiation consult i think i would feel better. whew.....i'm exhausted and haven't even gotten started....

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Hi cher8871,
My mom had brain surgery to remove a lung tumor in her right occipital lobe. We brought her to the hospital on Christmas eve with stroke like symptoms and WOW what a surprise regarding the cancer she also has two tumors in the lungs which they won't touch. Since the surgery she has blurred vision on and off . The doctors say some of it is from the swelling and from the decadron medicine . Alot of the symptoms vision problems ,anger ,mood swings unsteadyness can be from the decadron. You should look up the medicine and try to be as patient as possible with Dad .(not always easy ) .I also have a ten year old boy who is having issues because I'm always gone .I was gone on christmas eve most of the day and had to leave around 11:00 on Christmas day .He is trying hard to be patient and we did have a meeting with the school counselers . I have found that being very honest about how I'm feeling with him helps then he opens up about how he is feeling. I told him how much I miss him when I'm not home and it seems to help. Mom had radiation and now is on her 4th series of chemo . She is tolerating it all well except for being tired and not being able to drive.Regarding the girlfriend tread carefully , with your fathers emotions over what's happening try to tolerate what you can .Warning make sure you are your fathers health proxy and don't let her get him to sign anything . Most people are really good and I hope she is .I really feel your pain and frustration .Stay strong , I hope for the best.

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This "Sharring n care" sounds like a spam or a con set-up to me!

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