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Jesse has clear margins! WOO HOO! Will get complete pathology report on Thursday. Don't know how much of the gland was cancerous. Gleason remained 3 + 3 for 6. I know, I know, gonna hear from some of you that he could have waited. This was HIS decision and he wanted it OUT! So, begone prostate cancer, and never come back!!

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Now we need all those recent Zero's to earn membership into the dryness and woody clubs. Had a nice talk with Jesse yesterday and said he is feeling pretty darn good...however he admitted to over doing it a bit on I think Friday.

I found the pain meds made me feel invincible and created a situation where you felt ...hey I can go on a 4 hour shopping trip with the wife..no problem...only to find several hours later it would remind you ...easy does it boy..you just had major surgery. Resting between the exercise worked wonders.

I told Jesse that he may not be seeing Dr. Scott Thursday and only the PA for the cath removal following the cystogram. Radiology is immediately to your left after entering the building through the nice glass door if I remember correctly....that is if you are going to the Carmel office which I think you are.

Ask the PA for a copy of the path report and she'll print one for you. It will be interesting to see the volume of the cancer and %'s of the grading.

Call me if you have any questions prior to Thursday on your drive up.

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His urine has been crystal clear until a few minutes ago - now it is blood-tinged. No clots. They told us to expect that if he overdid it - and I think he did. He did the dishes and also went down the basement stairs to check on a leak (turned out to be ok). So he is in bed resting.
Yes, we knew he would be seeing the PA on Thursday. It is in the Carmel office. Scott called him yesterday and I was out, I wanted to ask what percentage of the gland was cancer. Oh well, I'm going to call tomorrow and get them to print the pathology report and the operative note to have for our records.
Thanks again!

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FYI, Many times for about the first two or even three weeks after the cath was removed, so for me, up to 4 or 5 weeks I would see the last couple of drops urine come out pinkish...especially following a BM.

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The comments sound like you'll have a really good report.

Ignore those who say he could have waited - waited for it to get worse or out in his system? I wish I'd gotten mine earlier.

That's great news.

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Thanks for the congrats. Wish you were in the same boat. Will keep you in prayer.

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Congratulations, that is great news!!! Good luck with the full report and here is to many zero PSAs in the future!!!

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Glad to hear your margins were clear!

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Good news…and I hope the good news flows from here on …

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Glad to hear the news on the margins! For blood in the urine...it is from over doing it. All us men do it! Push fluids and it will clear.

I think you made the right decision to begone with the cancer. My stepdaughter graduated from College yesterday Suma *** Laude (or however you spell it) Psycobiology major. At any rate when talking with some friends etc from the university was told that one the professors had prostate cancer. I found the professor and Spoke with him briefly...He had his surgery about 10 weeks ago (Same doc that did my robotic) However he told me that he had waited to long and he Should have done his surgery earlier. He ended up with a gleason 9. The doc had to cut very wide to get cancer and he has allready started on Hormone. Watchfull waiting might work for some...but then for others as we know each person is different and the cancer can progress slow or very fast.

Let us know when Jesse officially joins the 0 club!

Larry (3+4) 7

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Glad to hear the good news.

I am sure Jesse will do fine.


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