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New here, CT report in Layman's terms

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Hi all, it looks like we will be friends for the next few years at least. My husband had a lump on the right side of his neck, complained several times, had a biopsy about a year ago and nothing was found. Had a lung procedure where the Dr put a camera into his lungs 8-10 months ago, nothing was found. Shortly after his 72 birthday, he had an MRI and our world may have changed forever. I am copying the report here becasue I want to know if others out there had the same wordings on their reports and what it means in terms of severity and survival. We pplan on fighting this all the way and asking for as many miracles that may be needed for him and each one of you out there, but we want to know how big the fight is going to be and what our short term plans should be as to seeing people that he has not seen in many years. Here is the report listed below. We are obtaining a DR in our area for the next step,biopsy I guess and then a plan to go forward. I have read many of your blogs and they have given me a great arsenal to take to our doctors visit, Thank you all.

COMPARISON: Prior CT scan dated 11/03/2006.
TECHNIQUE: Contiguous axial CT scan images of the neck were performed with and without the use of intravenous contrast.
The central airways are patent. The thyroid gland is enlarged and heterogeneous in appearance extending in to the superior mediastinum.
The previously described palpable neck abnormality represents multiple bilateral centrally necrotic lymph nodes seen in the anterior and posterior cervical chain for example on series 3 image 43. The largest of these nodes measure 2.2 cm in short axis.
There is a nodule on the right base of the tongue, which is solid and exophytic on series 3 image 43 measuring 2.6 cm, it is concerning for either a nasopharyngeal or base of tongue malignancy with local nodal metastatic deposit.
The osseous structures demonstrate multilevel degenerative joint disease.
The lung apices are clear.
1. Soft tissue nodule on the right base of the tongue versus lateral oropharynx concerning for a malignant neoplasm with associated metastatic adenopathy in both the anterior and posterior cervical nodal chains.

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Welcome to CSN, sorry to hear about your husband but glad you have found a place here with friends

All the best to you both

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Hello Hondo,
I am pleased to have found this group, it has already put me more at ease and also more positive of an acceptable outcome. Thank you for writing back,

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Hi Lyn,

I am shooting from the hip but there are generally 3 ways forward for you now. 1. Surgery 2. Radiotherapy 3. Chemotherapy (not necessarily in that order)

Depending if it is operable and his sound like it is, they may choose surgery first. Other times they may try to shrink the tumors with radiation (& Chemo) and then do surgery. I preferred and had surgery first. I figured best to get it out early and then radiate whatever may have been left.

Radiation is normally done in concert with some type of Chemo. The type of chemo will depend on the type of cancer cells they find, and also where and how advanced it is (Stage).

Radiation can be normal or IMRT (a newer type) and there are now even more targeted types of Radiation you maybe should inquire about. I had IMRT and it appears to be best in the mainstream treatments as the dosage is more targeted so there is less collateral damage to surrounding tissue.

The road through can be rough but doable. We all react differently to the treatment. Many folk needed to get a PEG before of during treatment (A feeding tube) as once treatment starts he will have trouble eating.

I think this is enough to get you started.

My personal view Lyn, is also to get yoru body in shape to fight cancer. When I was diagnosed, I also consulted with a Naturopath who had experience with Cancer patients. , I got straight onto a healthy 'Anti-Cancer Diet', I also did and still do try to keep my body as alkaline as possible. An acidic body is thought to be more prone to cancer getting a hold. (you have more reading to do !! ) Please note, your Doctors may not subscribe to these steps but I believe the correct nutrition will increase your chances to survive and recover and live on without Cancer coming back. Each to his own, I have seen the result with my own eyes. Most doctors however, do not subscribe to this theory, but then most doctors get about 1 day of nutritional studies in their entire degrees, and rely totally on the research from pharmaceutical companies. You decide if you want to pursue this additional path to compliment the standard treatments.

I wish you and your hubby all the best and remember he can get through this.


PS You can click on my name to the Left <<< and go to my 'Expressions' page and read my story and list of supplements I take etc

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Thank you for the information. We spent the day collecting his records from the town we lived in before this came about. I have been reading them and it seems that he had a parotid mass in 2006. They advised if it changed behavior to get immediate attention. Well neither of us even know what or where that was found, so I wonder how he was supposed to know if it changed behavior :-\ In any case, I have heard the alkaline theory before and am counting on it for myself. I have acid reflux and the medications keep my body in a more alkaline state :-)
I do feel a little more positive after reading many of the responses on this website, again, Thank you very much for caring enough to write.

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I too am new here in that my partner of 6 years, Mark, was diagnosed on 4/13 with squamous cell carcinoma of the left tonsil, two lymph nodes involved, Stage4. Please read my post entitled "Newly diagnosed...need advice". All the people here were very generous with thier stories and information that I have taken to the doctors so that anything I hear there is not a surprise and I can talk very intelligently and advocate for Mark.

I am sorry that you found yourself here. But you have found an extremely valuable resource in the people here who have gone before us. My two cents is go to the best doctor at the best hospital even if it means traveling. The National Cancer Institute (NCI)has accredited hospitals that tend to have the cutting edge treatments and facilities. It is possible to have a very good doctor and not have a good medical facility. I think both are a must.

We will all become necessary friends. You are not alone.

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