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Morning all

I have learned 4 days ago that I have MM and I am scared out of my pants. The big "C" thats it I'm dead The next thing I did was get on the webb (blackberry) and search and that was even worse I wassn't even going to make it home from the doctors office!

My mother and brother both died from lung cancer and they werer heavey smokers which is a habit that I did not pick up!!!!!!!

The next day I was lucky enough to see the cancer doc (don't even know how to pronounce his title) and he told me there is life and I read all the post on this site and feel the strenght coming from you people But I am still so afrid help please to understand what is and what is going to happen to me


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Are you still here?

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Hi Jennka
I found my way back again

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George, as a MM survivor for over a year I can tell you not to believe everything you see out there. i went to Little Rock, AR for treatment (about 7 hours away.) Based on my heath i was put in a prototype that has a track record indicating a survival rate of 95% for at least 15 years (that as all the data they had so they couldn't predict the future rates but are very optimistic.) So much progress has been made, just make sure you do your homework to find out the best place for you to get treatments...it may not be local. The treatments will be hard on you at times, but you will have good days too. It's only for about 5 or 6 months though.

I was with several MM patients when I was going through my treatments in Little Rock, AR and there were many that had lived for 10 to 16 years. Your faith in God will give you a better outlook. I know God was with me every step of the way and that was very comforting and reassuring.

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Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago, has orange-sized tumor in his sacrum, and just had surgery on Friday 3/29 to repair his right arm which actually broke from the tumor growth. He is 56. Has lesions at t-spine, femur, base of skull and 1 rib. What are the chances that these tumors can shrink with radiation? He is to start that this week, and talk to doc about chemo next week. Thoughts? We have an excellent cancer center in Louisville Kentucky he is going to.

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I am new on this forum, as the diagnosis has come 4 days ago. End of March there was the surgical intervention to fix the spine, which had a missing verteber. My problem is that one has to go through all this in France, and not in US. And i can't find any information on the web: good doctors in France/Europe, or treatment centers, or even where to test the compatibility of eventual donors for a stem cell transplant. if anybody could help, please, with such an information?

I have read that radiation is the first step in the treatment, to kill the most, then the chimio, to kill even in more detail. The treatment to go for seems to be stem cells transplant. Not sure if making one with your own cells has the same efficiency as with cells from a donor. 

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Go to member directory and look up gibslaw1.This is my father.He was diagnosed when he was 47 years old.I have always admired his strenght and courage. I know he would love to talk to you.

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If so it looks like you are over 3 years out now.  How are you doing?

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