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Interesting, Radical?? Treatment for PC

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I just heard this today. My daughter-in-law had a patient in her dental chair this past week out in CA. His PC was similar to mine in many ways- surgery, hormone shots, rad. He was on hormone treatment for 1 yr and quit- just too uncomfortable for him. I would agree with that- nasty stuff.

Anyway, his PSA began to go up and the doc wanted to put him back on the hormone treatment but he refused. Instead he found a doc that would begin chemo on him right away- he did not want to wait until his PC got more advanced and then go on chemo- he wanted to hit it early and as hard as possible. Well, he found a doc in CA that agreed with him and started chemo at a stage when most docs are still playing around with hormone shots. That was 11 years ago and this week in my daughter-in-law's dental chair he said he was feeling great!

I am going to see if my daughter can go through protocol and get me this guys phone number. This is exactly what I wanted at the beginning of my treatment but I never got to see the doc- only his terrible PA. But this sounds so good and reasonable to me right now. When my PSA begins to go up again- I would be all for early chemo and skip the hormone stuff. I really never want another hormone shot again. And by the time most docs start a PC patient on chemo it is only a temporary fix at best.

Interesting case study, thought I would share.

something to think about and discuss.

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I think if mine comes back ...I will have to just say "no" to the "E" word after living through your experience with you on here...goodness I am emotional to begin with...on "E" I just know I would be one blithering blubbering sad sack.


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