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Two days until liver resection

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I know many of you have been through this already and are doing well. Your stories give us hope. Jim's surgery will be Monday morning around 7:30. Removing the right lobe and doing ablation on anything that might be on the left. He has been so tired since the last surgery but I am happy to report he took two bike rides this week. Five miles each time. And he has eaten pretty well too. He has a few new complaints, alot of itching on his back and some pain that comes and goes on the right side of his back. I wonder if it's related to his liver. Hopefully that will be gone after next week. We will be at Loyola and our Surgeon seems confident. I believe we are in good hands. I will be posting throughout the week on www.caringbridge.org/visit/jameskruse and will check in here too when I can. Appreciate any prayers yal might want to send our way. Will be thinking of all of you and your loved ones too! Stay well.


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You are in good hands, well pepared and confident with a good attitude. That is huge. I will put your caring bridge site in my favorites to check up on you guys.

I wish nothing but the best for the surgery and recovery for the 2 of you. I will keep you 2 in my thoughts on Monday for a successful surgery.

Hugs - George and Tina

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I want to wish you all the best for Monday. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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Nana b
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He will do great! He will be a bit sore for a couple weeks but resting will help. I needed help my first week or two.....hang in there!

Fight for my love
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Wish you the best and pray for a successful surgery.Good luck with everything.

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I haven't had a liver resection, but I'll be praying that the surgery goes well.


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make sure you inform all the Doctors responsable for his care this up and coming Monday of this itching and pain that you've described. it could be related to the livers consequential condition and this knowledge could be very important.

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April and Jim- Nothing but positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

April, do you want me to come to the Hospital Monday while Jim is in surgery? I'd be honored to sit with you, pray with you, bring you some great Portillos Hot Dogs and Italian Beef!!!whatever you wish. Not sure if you will have other friends/family at the hospital with you.



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Hi Peggy, Thank you so much for calling and talking to us. I will look forward to meeting you and talking more this week.

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I will be keeping you in my prayers!! I had my liver resection on Februrary 9th.....after several weeks of fatigue...finally back at work, and feeling great! You will do great!!!

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Sue- are you still sore around your liver? It seems like since i re-started chemo a few weeks ago, my liver is sore.

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My Prayers are with you and your husband. Take care and God Bless. margaret

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Hi April,

Just a word to let you know I will be praying for your husband (and you) for tomorrow a.m.'s surgery. It sounds like you are well prepared and have a good attitude towards it. That is honestly half the battle, really.
Keep us updated-


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Good luck tomorrow morning. I had my liver resection Feb 9, 2009. Other than the pain at the incisional site for a couple of days, the recovery was pretty easy. I was very very fatigued for the first 6 weeks but I just took it easy and didn't try and take too much on around the house during that time. After that 6 weeks I felt pretty normal. I have been NED since last February and have a scan this week. If all is clear that will mean 15 months of remission. I was so happy that my surgeon was able to resect my liver.

All the best,

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May your liver resection be a great success without complications, and hope you pull out of it with a speedy recovery! You'll be in my thoughts, and hope to hear what happens soon!


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Well, Jim is probably under way as of this writing - but sending you best wishes for a successful outcome - and hoping the pain will be minimal and the recovery bearable.


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