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A step backwords ?

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ok so i wanted to come on today and talk but i dont want to over do it on the message bords and have u think im nutts lol.

today i felt sick all day long i went to target because every one says go out and walk but every time i do i come home even more sicker today i throw up all over the place i felt so weak.

i lay in bed and just didnt even want to get up even now its 12 AM i got up at close to 11 pm it feels like when i was in the hospital

where all i want to do is throw up and i do throw up and all i want to do is sleep this is not helping me to recover im now 2 weeks past my surgery date

of course my cancer doctor clams your fine yet he wont see me in the office husband hasnt been able to get time off work so i cant get to the doctor

i no my bowl issues are to blam for the fact i dont want to eat a thing or drank anything but turly is it to blam for the weakness and being tried and throwing up ?

some times i dont even want to get out of the bed out of fear ill throw up again.

i havent even started radition that comes later in may am i ready for it ?

i dont want to start until june but he doesnt lisitin we tryed to call a few places nones got back a hold of us yet about sitching doctors so i guse we wait

that green stuff they clamed was fine to i think could of been a infaction ? who knows

maybe ill fine out its just the flu you know and due to healing my body is taking it hard i hope thats all but i have to set my mind at ease

i feel like crap like all the time

i feel useless and weak all the time i do walk as i no walking will help but it makes me sick when im up and around and then its hard for me to walk

im wondering if because im over weight is my body taken it harder ?

i dont no

well best go i feel sick and may go lay back down

thanks for listing to me sorry for complaning i no some of you gals have it alot worser then i so i feel i should not compilan

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Hope you feel better. try and go in sooner to make sure no infection, and try to keep moving and deep breathing so no complications with pneumonia or blood clots.

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I am worried about you....seriously.

"i no my bowl issues are to blam for the fact i dont want to eat a thing or drank anything but turly is it to blam for the weakness and being tried and throwing up ?"

YES, YES your weakness in part can be do to the fact you are not eating and drinking. You are probably so dehydrated....you need to sip water at least. I recommend trying a chicknen broth which will add some sodium back to your system. It really helps.

Do you have meds for the nausea/vomiting and the diarrhea??? You need to take them.

Can anyone else get you to the doctor? If not, can your husband call in sick to work??

Are you running a fever?? I still say green is a sign of infection....and with all your other symptoms, you need to be seen.

I am overweight (alot) and did not have anything like you are describing post surgery.

Forget Radiation for today...you need to resolve these issues!

Please stay in touch!


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I am with Laurie you need to be seen. If your Doctor won't see you please go to the emergency room. After surgery I took ativan for nausea; this really worked. But you need to be seen as your recovery doesn't sound normal.


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Hi April:

I am sorry you are having this problem. I just had surgery in February and I had to stay three extra days because of my "sleepy bowels" because of the pain meds, etc. After three days in the hospital, I started to throw up. They had to place an endo tube to help me. I didn't and couldn't eat. After the endo tube was in I felt so much better. Then my bowels began to work again. It took me almost a month and ahalf to start to feel like eating.

I worry about you. You should not be feeling this way. I hope your doctor will take a closer look.

Hope you feel better.


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You are reminding me of my story immediately after I came home from surgery. Vomiting green - alot. It turned out to be an ileus!!! The bowel remained asleep after surgery so food went in but had no where to go but back out. I was readmitted to hospital and it took awhile for them to get my colon working again - they finally had to call in a gastro specialist.

I don't want to scare you but I agree that you need to go to ER and be readmitted.

You have my prayers for speedy recovery. Mary Ann

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I agree with everyone else. Go to the ER!

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Thanks for your advice Ladys i went to the ER tonight spent 7 hours they hooked me to an iv and gave me pain pills and somthing to clam the tummy down they did a XRAY and took some pee ran some test and then blood work

acording to the doctor all looks fine and they did not fine a thing wrong with me he then said he would call my cancer doctor to see what they wanted to do and so we waited then came back and said well he says he will still see you on may 26th or when ever your next visit is the doctor gave me meds to clam tummy and sent me back home

still this is my body i no somthings wrong my husband says he thinks the doctor probley thinks its all in my mind since we call them oh most every day trying to get help/

this happen to my my couisn whos daughter was a newborn they kept telling her nothing at all was wrong with the baby the doctor told her she was just making things up in her mind

then a year later that same doctor told her her baby had cancer

i wonder if our doctors just suck when your on Medcaid in iowa

or somthing

my husband could video tape all of this for them let them see me throw up and how sick i get if i have to

im gonna have the husband call medcaid fine out who my soical worker is and talk to them since nothings being done

i should not have to fight for somthing to be done

also nope

they didnt give me nothing for upset tummy just told me to buy the stuff over the Counter
but we cant aford it just yet

part of me felt like giving up on all of this and saying oh well tossing the towl in

but im staying as strong as i can be i feel like im geting treated like this since im on medcaid in the state of iowa is just like that i guse

but ya the er clamed i was fine


oh well anyways thanks for your much advice i would have came on last night only i could not stop throwing up

maybe it is my bowls unless i take somthing to help me go i cant go and even then its hard


i dont no why my doctor wont do anything and the er says all test is fine so i guse im fine :(

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Shaking my head....I have no idea why care has to be so very different...yes, you need an advocate...wish it could be me :)

If I was close to Iowa, believe me I would go with you!

Hang in and keep us posted. IF things do not improve, go back to the ER...the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


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It's a tough world out there and unfortunately we have to be our own advocates. I always tell people we know our own bodies and when something doesn't seem right go to bat to get the proper care. It might take time, but you'll turn over enough rock and find the proper path for treatment.

Did you say they took blood at ER? Results? Seems like something is off with you being so sick and just tired. White count or iron being low will generally cause tiredness.

Just start callng Medicaid and yes the path to Social Worker might be a wonderful step, too.

Plse take care of yourself and know we're here for you. Keep us posted and don't give up...you'll find the proper care soon.


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Thanks Lady's

For advice

thats ture ya they did the blood test and clamed i was fine sadly this has been going on for years i went to my doctor due to bleeding problams they proclamed it wasnt nothing they sent me home now at age of 29 they found out it had been cancer none of them said sorry for not finding the problam sooner

its like going through that all over again we called the dr again today who had the gutts to tell me not to go to any other doctor or family doc as they just tell me the same thing that there is no cause for it

him and his nurse both told me over the phone today that they dont understand the problam yet they havent saw me in the office they are in this for the money not the care

so here im still sick the end of this week will be 3 weeks post my surgery on Friday

so its like why wont they step in and do anything for me

we did call the soical worker at DHS today and they never did get back a hold of us so its a waiting game

i set a visit for this friday with my family doctor to see what she thinks hopfuly ill get some kind of answers

well as for the me being tried i was Annemia but they never touched based with this issue

but the throwing up with just a sip of water they wont do anything about

well best go for now im tried again


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