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The Journey Ends

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Today, my beautiful sister, Christina, lost her battle. She was only 40, 39 when dx, and leaves behind her husband and three beautiful children 8, 6, and 4. She fought til the very end. And I mean she fought damn hard. There was not a treatment or cancer hospital she did not seek advice. In the end, her tiny body just could not take it anymore and she stopped responding to treatments. I know now she is at rest and peace.

Thank you for all of your support and advice here. I visit you all every day. And while I do not always respond to the posts, I read them, and pray for all of you on this journey. I pray we get closer to finding a cure for this terrible disease.

Love to you all!

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Oh, I'm so sorry to read this. I know your family is feeling incredibly lost and sad right now. I'm happy for your dear sister that she's no longer im pain, though. Please kiss her beautiful children and know that I'm praying for all of you.


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I am so sorry for your loss. It's hard to find words. I know she no longer has pain is at peace now. Please hug her children for me. I will keep you all in my prayers. Deb

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No words... I am so sorry....I wish there was a wall somewhere with the names of all these people who fought and laughed and loved and struggled through this journey.
All my blessings

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I am so sorry to hear of the death of your beautiful Christina. I can think of few things to say at this moment beyond a lament of profanities! This disease sucks!

Peace... Rob: in Vancouver

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Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss, and for the loss of your sister's family... Cancer is so vile!!!! I lost my mom 7 weeks ago tomorrow to colon cancer, so I can relate with how you are feeling.

Sending prayers and comfort to you.


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I am so sorry about your sister. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

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I am so very, very sorry that your much loved sister Christine has come to the end of her journey. I know how very close you were. You were a wonderful advocate for her. My prayers reach out to your entire family including Marie's husband and 3 young children. Oh sadness.


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I am so very sorry to hear this. Whatever can we say during a time like this other than I'll pray for those left behind.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. She was so young. I will pray for you and the rest of the family left behind.

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My heartfelt sympathy to Christine's family.It is so hard because no words are sufficient but please know that we care so much and wish things could have turned out better.

You have been a good sister Marie.

Thoughts and prayers with you.


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I know it is hard right now (having lost my wife about a month ago.) Each day will bring memories and dreams. Just know that someday you will see her again and now, she is in a place with no pain, no drugs and no cancer. Meanwhile she will continue to watch over her family from above.

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I am so very sorry to hear this. She did fight every step of the way. The only comfort is to know she is in a better palce now. She will be forever missed by all of you. I will be praying all of you.


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I am so so sorry for your loss. Prayers lifted for you and your family.


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This is breaking my heart this morning. I have no words for you and your sister's family. I only offer prayers for you all.


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From Roger and Kim

Dear Marie, We are so sorry to hear of your sisters passing. There is comfort in knowing she is no longer in pain and she is resting in peace. It has been amazing and inspiring to watch how supportive and caring you have been to Christina. You fought damn hard as well and your overall contribution to this board- to folks like us- has been appreciated by many. Christina's children are fortunate to have an Aunt whose love for their mother will no doubt flow straight to them.
Although the journey for you and Christina is over, we will keep your strength with us as we continue to fight.
Love and Sparks,
Kim and Roger

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I don't have words to express how sad I feel,I will continue to pray now for you and the rest of her family, your beautiful sister,doesn't need my prayers now, she is in better place, we know that. may God bring you all the acceptance for this terrible loss.

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I am so very sorry. Christina put up the good fight, it sounds like she so wanted to live. No more chemo, pain or cancer but that is little comfort at a time like this to those left behind with their grief.

From one caregiver to another, I am so very sorry.

Hugs - Tina

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Oh Marie, I am so sorry. Thank you for being an incredible support to Christina- she was never alone in this battle and all of us will take a bit of her courage and fight into us as we move forward. I am so sad for those she left- 3 young kids- makes me cry Marie! I hold all of you in prayer and so hopeful that the hours, days and weeks, months ahead will be filled with loving family and friends that support you all and bring you peace.

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I'm so sorry for you loss of Christina. Like you said the pain is gone and she is at peace now. I will always remember her for the fight she had in her. She was very brave.


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I'm so sorry for you loss of Christina. Like you said the pain is gone and she is at peace now. I will always remember her for the fight she had in her. She was very brave.


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Words are inadequate to say how sorry I am for the loss of your beloved Christina. She, with you alongide of her, fought hard and explored many options. Please give her kids a hug from me. So many people her hoped + prayed for a different outcome for Christina. I too hope we get a cure for this wretched disease. Stay strong!

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Joined: Dec 2009

She was a fighter and she inspired us. Her battle is finally lost but her memory lives on. I pray that her children will be all right and may they have a happy life.
Take care

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We're so sorry for your loss, but her memory definitely lives on. Prayers for the whole family are being said.

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I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved sister Christina. May you and your family find comfort and peace in the ensuing difficult times.

love, Leslie

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for your loss. This just makes me want to cry. It's not fair, it's not right. God Bless you and your family and your lovely sister.

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I'm sorry for your loss,now she's at peace and out of pain.I will pray for you and her family.

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I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and her family in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless. margaret

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Marie, words can't express the feelings...I am very sorry for your loss and wishing solace for you and your family through these times. Bless you all......Love to you and yours, Clift

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Oh Marie,
I'm so sorry to hear this- it breaks my heart. My condolences to you and her dear family.

Hugs to you,

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I am so sorry to hear this. Our thoughts will be with you and your family....

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This is just so devastating, I am truly saddened by this news, and soooo hoping and praying like I do for all on this board that she would pull through, and you know, she is in a better place. Nothing was lost, I look at it as being helped away from the disease that is invading our bodies, not losing a battle.

I am saddened for her husband and children, and family, I hate when I start thinking what will become of my kids when I'm gone, it's a nightmare for me, but with you around, those kids will be just fine, when you look at them, you will see your beautiful sister.

If you ever need someone to talk too, I'm here :) sending huge hugsss your way!


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Dearest Marie,

I am so sorry for what you and your family have gone through. Your sister is truly blessed to have such a wonder sister. You must have been such a support and comfort to her. I'm sure you have blessed her whole family. Watching a loved one go through such a hard journey is heartbreaking. I pray that the memories of suffering will soon be replaced with only joyous and precious memories. My heart goes out to you all. Your sweet sister was a real fighter. Please know that she will be missed here also and remebered always. Will continue to pray for the family.

Blessings and Big Hugs,


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Paula G.
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So sorry for the loss of your Sis. Damn I hate to hear this. She has such a young family. This disease is a monster and I hate it so much.
Your sis did fight hard and you are a great sister!! You and your family are in my thoughts. Paula

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
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Sorry for your loss...Hugs!

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Only moved. From in front of your eyes, into your heart, where she will live on forever.

Hugs, Kathi

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Cancer be damned. Your sister was a trooper and we all feel for you and your family. May God Bless all of you. Hang in there, stay strong, Randy

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I searched for words to express how sad I feel about your sister, but all I could come up with is how sorry I am.

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When I stop crying, I'll start praying for you and your sister's family. My sympathies and condolences.

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I can not begin to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your sister, I know how hard it is to lose a sister and the hole you will feel, but I hope you too can take comfort in the fact that she is not suffering anymore.
I pray for you and the rest of your family to have the srength to survive this loss. take care of yourself.


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Hi Marie

I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved sister. We've learned much about her through you - you brought her to life - you made her real.

Both of you turned over every rock there was in your journey. I know she fought to the very end and gave it all that she had. She did it right - she gave no quarter and was in there throwing punches all the way through. I've nothing but respect for the both of you for how you handled things - grace & dignity is the way she will be remembered - as well as being a great sister and a wonderful mother.

I'm always saddened for the children involved...when there is love in the home, it does not seem right to extinguish that flame. Like everyone else has said, with the children having you as their aunt, I feel they will be much better having you in their lives as they grow up.

You've always been so supportive of every member on this board - always something good to say - you're a bright spot in everyone's storms - a safe port in which to dock their ship.

I want to thank you for your service and for keeping us posted on your sister - and thank you for putting another face to this deadly disease. I wish you all peace and comfort during this most difficult time right now.


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You and your sister have been such an inspiration to me. The feeling of helplessness as we watch a loved-one suffer can be so overwhelming and I always appreciated your comforting words. I am sending healing thoughts to you and your family. Take care.

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. It seems so unfair that a young, kind, mother of 3 children should have this terrible disease take their life.

My daughter is 14 and it is my worst fear that I will not be there for her. It gives me great peace to know that my sister and mother would step in for me.

You were such an advocate for your sister. You helped her and so many other people on this board. My sister amy started posting on this board before I did and you welcomed her. She always felt a close connection to you.

I know that your beautiful sister is in a wonderful place now where she is not in any pain. I can't imagine how sad you are or how much you will miss her. The loss you feel must be so great.

I am praying for your sisters 3 children, you and your family. Thanks for contributing so much to all of us on this board.



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Posts: 605
Joined: Aug 2009

I would step in a heart beat to take care of my sisters children. You are blessed with a loving mother and sister!
Keep hope alive and don't stop fighting.

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Marie- in my darkest moments fighting this beast (thankfully those days are behind me)- what gave me inner long lasting peace is knowing my children would be enveloped and held close by my sisters and mother. Mother to mother- I believe this knowledge that you would be there for her kids, brought her peace in her soul. Guaranteed :)

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What to say....My heart goes out to you. My wish for you is peace. I dont know what else to say. I am so sorry. Cancer just SUCKS!!!

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This has broken my heart. I am 40 years old and like your sister I was DX at 39 and I too have 3 children (a little older). And I have a sister who cares very deeply for and about me. I am so sorry that you and your family are going thru this, but just know that we are praying for you for your strength and comfort and for her children.


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For your condolences and praise and prayers. It has been a tremendous help and place of comfort to me to come here and log on to my cc "family". Know that I think of all of you every day and pray for success for you all. The service was absolutely lovely and I know my sister was watching with a big smile. Keep on fighting. Don't stop!

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Can hardly see through the tears - it hurts every time I see that we loose someone here. My heart goes out to you and your/her family. I'm so very sorry.

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Your sister was very blessed to have you for support and to help her fight this terrible disease. I know she will be greatly missed and you will have a heavy heart from time to time. Use her experience to get others to have "the test" done as early as possible. As you know, it is not just a disease for those 50 years "young" There are many, many people just on this discussion board much younger than this fighting colon cancer. You will be blessed for all you have done to support your sister and all of us on this discussion board.


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