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in need of someone to talk to

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My grandma was just diagnosed with bone cancer she just got done doing chemo for colon cancer and they found the bone cancer she also has a spot on her lung and has to have biospy on her lung im trying to find a chat room so i can talk to other people who have fammily members going through cancer really need someone to talk to if u can please help let me know thank you

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I had cancer and my have it again, my Dad had lung cancer 4 years ago and is still doing fine, you have to remember that this is out of your control now, and you need to take one day at a time,let the doctors do what they do, and just provide comfort for your grandma..... my prays will be with you.....

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I had bone cancer 7 years ago. The chemo and surgeries I went through have caused other medical problems. I'm sure you have heard this before but smile long enough and eventually you will be happy. Live one day at a time and your grandmother is the same person she was before. I liked when people helped, but I didn't like when they treated me as if I were cripple/or unable to think for myself.

Keep family around. Family gets you through.

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