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Diagnosed on 2/20/10 with AML-5 45 year old male

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I went to the emergency room thinking I had a bad infection. After a blood test, the Doctor informed me I had a white cell count of 260,000 and had Leukemia. It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride since then. 26 days in the hospital and the highest dose of Chemo ever given in the state of Colorado(according to my oncologist)I am in remission! My second round of chemo (consolidation) wasn't to bad, I did get an infection and had to spend another 4 days in the hospital getting the usual IV Antibiotics, but all is well now. Scheduled to start round 3 on 5/10/10 and waiting on bone marrow donor. Needless to say I am a little scared of going through the transplant, I know that people can live for years in 'remission' and the transplant procedure can be pretty rough, even fatal! I know I'll do it, providing they find a match. But the thought of 4 months in the transplant center is costing me some sleep.
I don't really have any questions, I just wanted to express my fear in hopes of lessening it. Thanks!

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Prayers for them finding a match. I'm a 57 yr who found out on the eve of heart bypass (CABG), that I had AML M5. That was 9/2009. Lucky for me they found out prior to the surgery. I've now been thru the chemo. Initial, and 5 follow ups including spinal. Everything right now looks good, and I'm nearing time to re-address the CABG.
I did get the transplant testing done at OHSU, but so far that is only in case of a relapse. If you can stay away from infections, it sounds like you've gone thru the worst of the chemo. For me the initial treatments that included IDA were the worst followed by the neulasta shots. Each of them put me down for 2 days. A great doctor and nurses made a lot of difference.
Once again, best wishes on the transplant, and recovery.

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How are you doing? I know exactly how you are feeling right now-I was diagnosed with AML at 51 years old in April 2008. But here I am almost 2 years in complete remission. The treatment was awful+theres no point saying its easy. But never mind about me-you are the one that matters now. It IS curable+people do get better. Please let me know how you get on. Im Helena Stephens+live in the UK. GOOD LUCK. x
The photo is a year old-Ive alot more hair now!

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