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Back from cruise

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The transatlantic cruise was wonderful. We had calm seas and only one morning of drizzle out of the 19 days. The temperatures were in the 40 -50's, so we dressed in layers. I had plenty of energy for all the travel, but am having a hard time with the jet lag since we returned back to Florida. We had five nights where we lost an hour while we were at sea. We are leaving Saturday morning to return back to Illinois for the summer, so packing needed to be done.

We visited Bermuda, Scotland, Ireland, England, France and then spent 3 days in London. Paris and London were the highlights of the trip. Over in Europe they too had the coldest winter in 20- 30 years, so all the spring blooming trees and bulbs were in full bloom. Every country was just beautiful.

I am so glad I decided to go on the trip. Of course getting the news of continuing observation for my slow reoccurrence made the trip more enjoyable. I will have another CAT scan and CA 125 done the first of June.

I am still trying to catch up on the posts from the last several weeks. Welcome to all the newcomers. Sorry you are having to join our group. I wish you all comfort with your treatments.

Linda I was shocked with your change in diagnosis, but I hope that means a much more positive prognosis for you. I am sorry to hear about your pink tinge. I hope it turns out to be fragility from the radiation. I can imagine how scary that has to be for you.
Hoping you internal exam and PET/CT scan come back good.

Marge I am glad you remain NED and happy to hear your CA 125 is so good. I hope the CAT scan does not show anything regarding your pain. Maybe it will just be the roving pain that many have discussed. I love the new picture of your grandbaby.

Sharon sorry you are having so many problems. The blood clots are not fun and can be serious. When I was in the hospital in June they told me people with cancer are prone to blood clots. The hospital had a protocol to prevent blood clots for all their patients with cancer. That was surprising to me that having cancer puts you at risk for blood clots. (and I am a nurse). I know when I was in the hospital overnight for my internal radiation treatment, they put TED hose and compression stockings on me, and I got blood thinner shots. I thought that was strange since I was just in the hospital 36 hours. Good luck with your injections and taking the Coumadin.

Claudia, glad you had good results from your tests. Hope you get to take that road trip with your granddaughter.

Diane I hope all is well with you. How are you doing with your treatments.

Everyone remains in my prayers. In peace and caring.

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The cruise sounds heavenly! I have just started shopping online for my late May cruise. Did you have a dress code onboard? My husband is freaked to have to wear a tux 2 nights; and I am trying hard to find 'smart casual' outfits that look good with compression socks and a bald head: ha! I found some dress black pants and some black leggings with 'tummy control' and I have a bunch of travel knit tunics from my trip to Greece, and a couple of sundresses I haven't worn in years. I bought 3 new bathing suits that come up high to cover my port. The getting ready has been fun! I will be getting a CT/PET May 17th and will get the results just days before I go. I am hoping to leave for vacation with good news, but planning to kick it up BIG TIME if I leave with bad news )and have one more good time before I go back into chemo.) We all live for our remissions, don't we? And somehow, it's enough. It really is!

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I vote for bald is beautiful - nice eye makeup and big earrings!! Whatever you feel good in - but do cover that head with sunscreen.

Check out Coolibar.com for neat sun protection clothing - 50 UV. I bought some for my Belize trip and was so grateful I did. Others were baked and burned but not me with my nifty bamboo shirt!!

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{{RO}}}Glad you had a great time. When my daughter was stationed in Germany she begged me to come visit. I am kicking myself now for not doing it. I am soooo glad you had a good time!!!!
{{{Linda}}} I found a long gauzy black or red skirt and some pretty blouses were useful on a cruise. Please let us know all the details after you get back. I am living vicariously reading these posts. I plan on booking a cruise some time next year. It is too busy at work to do so now. Seems like my whole life I have put off vacations to the future. I think having cancer has made me realize I need to start taking them NOW!

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The last two cruises I have been on only required the men to wear a suit, not a tux for the formal nights. Norwegian only required a dress shirt and pants for the men, not even a suit. Smart casual for women in a skirt, dress, or pants. Just no shorts or jeans. I am sure you will look wonderful, no matter what you wear.

I am wishing you the best with your CT/PET scan. It is so much nicer going with good news. I am glad you are planning on having a good time no matter what the news is. I hope you are in remission though. In peace and caring.

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Sounds like you had a great time Ro!

I am doing well on doxil and avastin. It only makes me tired; I mean I can fall asleep on the sofa for three hours! I have no rashes but ice down during chemo. They gave me neulasta during a communication error (yes it can happen) and I couldn't have chemo for two extra weeks. My husband was so upset but I wasn't. I said, "let's go to Charleston." We wentand toured and dined. It was a mini remission but I loved it. My only problem is how much I miss digging in the dirt this time of year.


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Ro, it sounds like your trip was absolutely fabulous! Such fun! I am so happy for you and it sounds like you covered a LOT of ground!

Wishing you the very best with your June scan!!


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It really sounded like fun! I am glad you enjoyed your trip.


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welcome back and I like your profile picture, my shots are done and now the adjusting to the dosage of the thinner. I feel great, I did not know that about the clots either, I sure do now! lol
I am on the chemo break now so I am so happy about that.
Hugs to you RO

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Ro, Welcome back. Glad you had such a super trip. I also like your picture. Best wishes with treatment back in IL.

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Hey Ro! Welcome back to the good ol'USA. Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in Europe.
Life is made of memories and some of our fondest are when we have had a chance to see, hear and smell new things in other cultures.
I learned a long time ago as an young nurse taking care of a very sick elderly gentleman in cardiac intersive care unit, the importance of not waiting to travel or take a vacation.
The advice I got from my patient was..."Don't wait to travel until you retire because you may have all the money in the world but if you don't have your health you have missed the chance to travel.
So at the age of 21 yrs old I went on my first cruise and have been traveling ever since. I even had a job where I would go to Europe about once a month for a number of years. Now that I am 54 yrs. old I don't really feel compelled to travel other than to my lake home. I will never forget my elderly patient's advice and am glad I traveled so much while I was in perfect health. None the less I am happy to hear of your wonderful travel adventures. A change of scenery is great for the soul!

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