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My Mother

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Hey there everyone I'm Nick and I'm 18 years my Mother has AML.

My mom (winnie or ma from here on out) was diagnosed with AML on March 31st 2010. Winnie has been a CNA for the last 14 years and she is tough as nails. She started chemo the next day and has been doing either as well as expected or better throughout. Well this last week was her second out of chemo and she was expected to bounce back. She didn't. Quite the opposite actually her fevers have stayed strong and her counts continue to stay low no sign of a recovery. On Tuesday another bone marrow biopsy was conducted and the results came back today.She is 16 days out of her first round of chemo and we just found out(about 20 min ago) that the chemo was unsuccessful and she needs to start another round. Does anyone have any similar experience or know how to help me help her with this?

Help support or just conversation with people in a similar boat is much appreciated.

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Hello dear, I am sorry for your mother getting Leukemia. My mother was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2008.

Her treatments went good for the first 3 weeks and the last week she was suppose to get it she went downhill ..and fast. Fevers wren't the case with her, but rather diarrhea, lack of eating, sleeping up to 17-18 hrs a day and thne she started slowly gaining weight..it was all water in her body that accumulated abou 70lbs on her [she's a small woman, she weighed just 90lbs when she was admitted]... things went from bad to worse, she became unresponsisve most of the time, and couldn't move due to weakness and the massive weight gain... one day she went unconcious.. doctors put in her the ICU..she did regain consciousness the next morning.. treatments had to be stopped due to her being close to death...she stayed in teh ICU for abotu 4 weeks being on every single machine you can imagine.. air vent, dialysis, etc.. docs said her organs had started to fail but then as soon as the dialysis started tihngs started to turn around a little... she lost the weight of the water and everything else.. she went down to 70lbs [yes, her total weight].. they put a feeding tube in her.. a month later when they got ehr stable enough to put in a room the did a Bone marrow biopsy and it was all clear.. she was in remission...

that was two years ago..

April 24, 2010 5:00pm, call came in and the cancer is back


this isn't a choice of wether to be brave or go cry.. cancer doesn't give us a choice..you've got only one way and that is to be brave..that's the only thing that'll keep you sane and take you day to day no matter what else comes about

I pray for you and your mother, god bless

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Thank you for sharing your story
I wish your mother well and I'll most defiantly keep her in my prayers too.

An update on my mother.
She was transferred to Rush university medical center. She hasn't been out of bed a lot and the nurses at Rush actually though she came from assisted living or used a walker when she was a CNA and worked a 16 hour shift the day before and drove herself to the hospital. Apparently the nurses at Christ hospital were wrong to have kept her in bed and not encouraged her to be more active. Now she needs physical therapy plus most likely more chemo. On the bright side she just had a lung test for infections that came back negative so she should be able to make a slight recovery before going for more chemo.

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