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Diet during Xeloda

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What does your onc. suggest as diet during Xeloda?

I'm a bit confused...are healthy foods encouraged during chemo?
Shouldn't "good foods" for liver be included?

Hubby had PVE last week, starts xeloda today and liver/rectal resection scheduled for early June.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Hi D

Foods rich in anti-oxidants were not recommended by my then onc - it was explained to me that what is good for a healthy cell is also good for a cancer cell.

Xeloda can be hard on the stomach, so have him eat as healthy as he can and eat small portions to keep something more frequently in the stomach to help the nausea.

And you can take some Milk Thistle, which has a purifying effect and helps filter and cleanse the liver, even during treatment.

Get some Bag Balm at CVS or your local pharmacy and have him begin applying that liberally to his feet 3x a day, morning-noon-evening. Put socks on afterwards to hold the moisture in. You can start right away, as the toxicity from Xeloda will build up gradually (by the 2nd cycle) and if you can get his feet in good condition now, before it gets bad, he will thank you and it will make his treatment much easier to tolerate.

Wishing you well, of course.


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i took Xeloda and my Onc did not suggest anything different from what I normally would eat - as I was not on any special diets to begin with and relatively heathy eater. They did provide me with info on what to do if experienced diarrhea or constipation. I had to modify a couple times for occasional constipation from another drug, but was told to eat as much as possible when I wanted so not to loose any weight. I did increase protein because I was losing some weight- a lot more chicken, eggs, cheese, milk - all stuff I liked, but more that then my usual pasta and carbs. Added ensure, boost, carnation instant breakfast to counter weight lose. Reason for weight loss for me was the pain I had passing stool due to radiation/constipation, not lose of appetite.
Food started tasting bland due to drugs, but it did not stop me from eating what I liked, just not as enjoyable.

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