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Memorial Tattoos??

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I don't know when my mom's going, but with liver cancer spreading to her lymph nodes, they say she won't last through the year. I am an artist, and several months ago I had drawn a tattoo design for her memorial. I know people get memorial tats all the time, but I was just wondering if anyone on the board has gotten one, and how they feel about it, how long they've had it, etc.

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Funny you should mention this my 17 year old son right after my husband died in jan of this year went out and got his friend to put a memorial tattoo on his back. My husband was a retired mechanic, he retired and then we started a business with two water trucks going out on the fires and filling the fire trucks. My husband lived for doing this so my son got a tattoo of a wrench crossed with a pison and then a fire hose with flames that went all the way through the middle with dad and the day he died. I think this is a great statement if you like tattoos. I thought it was a huge love gesture for my boy to do that.

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I am sorry to hear you lost your husband, and your children their father. The tattoo sounds pretty amazing, and it takes a strong person to make a commitment to having one done in memory of someone they love. I'm sure that your son felt better having a piece of his father so close to him, now and forever. I hope that you are all recovering through this very hard time, and this experience makes your love for each other stronger than ever. Prayers to you, and hugs.

reigh of sunshine
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I got the tattoo in remberance of my mother on her birthday she would have been 51 and she had been gone 10 years. I designed it its a cross the covers about half of my back with her birthday above and the day she passed below.
I have now had it for almost 6 years. Im glad its there, it reminds me of her when i happen to glance back at a reflection of my back. the only down side is not so much when people want to see it but when they begin to ask, how did she die, how old were u? how old was she? they want to know the story in its entirity. people cant ever just enjoy the beauty of the tribute they insist on knowing the history.

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I have yet to get one for my mom, but hope to do it in the next few months. I lost my mom to Renal Cell Carcinoma (Kidney) in 1999, the day after her 42nd birthday. Her name was Lilly and I plan on getting some Cala Lily's just cant seem to come up with the exact design I want.

I have my childrens names on my back and I will treasure that tattoo for the rest of my life as I will treasure the one of my mom when I get it.....

I also have my aunt's name "Marie" on the top of my foot, simple and in pretty script in memory of my aunt who was murdered by her boyfriend when she was 29. I will also treasure that one for life.

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I'd joked with my husband for years that I would get a tattoo, if I was younger. I lost my husband last June to Esoph. cancer. He was 54 yrs. old. At the age of 51, I walked in to a reputable tattoo shop and got his first name tattood on my left foot, in very lovely script. I plan to add a small colored heart to it this summer. Every time I look at that tattoo, I feel close to him. It will be with me forever and nothing or no one can take that away from me.

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I don’t have one physically on my body but I do have one mentally in my mind of all my friends and love ones who have gone on before me.

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One month after my mom passed, my sister & I both got mathcing tattoos in memory of our mom. We had planned it for the whole time she was sick (2 years), because we thought it would make us closer as sisters and to our mom, and it did. Mine is placed on my neck. It is a cnacer ribbon, with Mom and a heart written in the ribbon. My sisters is the same thing on her side with tulips surrounding it, which is my Mom's fav flower. We remember her everyday as we look at our tattoos that will forever be on our body, as our Mom will forever be in our hearts.

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My current avatar is a tat I got on the back of my neck the day we were told mom was no longer treatble and started home hospice care.....(8-6-10) I need to post the actual photo of my neck...this is what it was frawn from.

My best friend, my rock, my hero, my confident, and now, my angel!

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The morning of the day my husband passed I went and got a tattoo, not knowing what was instore for that evening. It is a blue ribbon (colon cancer) with the word "hope" under it. The word "hope" to me is the most meaningful part of the tattoo.
I "hope" there is a cure for this horrible disease. I "hope" someday people will not have to go through what I had to watch my husband go through. I "hope" that someday I will talk to people about my husbands disease and no one will say to me, "I know what you had to deal with."

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I have two memorial tats, one for my mom and one for my dad.

My dad passed away when I was 7 and I thought about it for a really really long time. I ended up getting an old school microphone and headphones, with a small ribbon at the bottom that says "Dad". It's on my calf. My dad was a radio dj and I did a degree in music, so it was something we really shared.

My mom recently passed away from lung cancer, and I got a quote (one that we put in a frame at the funeral that was really applicable to the way she lived her life and the way I try and live mine). It's on my other calf. It says "Let no one rule your mind or body. Have respect for those in power, but don't follow them blindly. Consider none your superior whatever their rank. Hold fast to your beliefs and others will follow." Under the quote, Mom is written, and a small yellow daffodil (the Canadian Cancer Society logo)

I absolutely love them both and can't think of a better way to remember my parents.

mr steve
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All of mine are about her and a memorial to my wife. She got me started with them at like 45... But the one I like is the last one I just got, she was going to get a ladybug on her foot, but was never well enough to get it done. I found the pic she sent our friend to draw it up on her cell phone, and now I sport a wonderful ladybug tat on my shoulder to help look over me...

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I did this the night before my mom died almost 2 months ago, I didnt know she was going to die the next day but i knew the end was near. I wanted to momralize her but I also wanted to celibrate her life and always remember that she is a part of me. My tattoo came from a dream I had, my life reminds me of a sea turtle I collect them and love them and feel its all about the journey. My moms life was about horses and roses, so in my dream I had went to get a tattoo of a sea turtle with my moms horse painted on the shell and my moms rose in its hair. (she had a rose named after her because she discovered it).  around the turtle are the words, "Mom, sweet as a rose - Youre forever a part of me" I look at it every day, It reminds me of her, and what a big part of me she is. I am glad I got it when I did, it boreded her life and her death...celbrates both. I hope this helps. I am sorry you too are going though something like this.

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I got a tattoo 5 months after my mum passed. It's still a work in progress as I'm thinking of adding a few more designs to it. 

I think it's a great idea.

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