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Small Intestine Obstruction

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My mom is still in the hospital with an obstruction in her small intestines. She was getting some fluid out of her ilesotomy so they started her on clear liquids Monday night, but by last night she was getting sick again. They did a CT scan today and it showed a complete blockage in her small intestine about 10 inches above her ileostomy. The fluid from her ileostomy was most likey stuff left in the intestines pre-surgery. They put in a NG tube tonight and are hoping for it to work its way out soon. Since she is 2 weeks post op, they say doing surgery right now to fix it would be bad so if it doesnt clear they want to wait about 4 weeks until she is out of the 2-6 week danger post-op period. This would mean she would have another surgery in 4 weeks and wait 4-6 weeks after that to start chemo. Since she has mets on her liver, we are worried about waiting this long to start chemo. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen or can you offer any advice? I trust her dr. but am so worried about delaying the chemo.

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i had a blockage as well about half way through my initial chemo treatments. other complications, like a port infection and issues with my ileostomy and malnutrition, delayed resuming to chemo. The fear of not being on chemo to start nuking the tumors is one I can relate to. I would panic every time a delay in chemo would happen, so scared that it would give tumors time to grow.

But, you want to make sure that your mom is strong enough to even withsatand the chemo in the first place. Blockages are painful and if not treated can lead to more complications.

Setbacks suck, but once your mom is able to start chemo, you can then start seeing progress in tumor shrinkage.

Here's hoping the blockage resolves on it's own....


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Just remember that you can't ask more of your mother's body than it can take. They HAVE to take care of the blockage and her body has to heal if she has any hope of continuing her fight with chemo; it is a rough battle! I know this is hard, MUCH easier said than done, but try not to let fear guide your decisions! It will happen in its time and it will be what she needs. Please keep us posted on her healing, I pray this blockage resolves itself soon and your mother will be on her way to complete healing soon!

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I remember that feeling so well- hurry up and get the chemo!! My husband was diagnosed at the end of July (at 37 years old) and started chemo at the beginning of sep. He had a colostomy first to avoid any possible blockage interrupting chemo. He also had mets to liver and peritoneum.
One of our Docs helped reassure me in my anxiety to fill him up asap with chemo by telling me that the cancer took a long time to get there, it will take a long time to remove, and a month or two while we get ready is not going to make or break anything. Building her strength is so important, chemo is a kick in the rear, so the stronger she is starting out, the better.
By the way, at diagnosis my husband was stage 4 with no surgical options. He is now two weeks post op from cytoreductive sugery and HIPEC, liver ablation and partial resection, colon resection, colostomy takedown, and new ileostomy. He had 6 months of FOLFOX + avastin and had 50% reduction in tumors during that time. Scans in 4-6 weeks will let us know where we stand. But even in the worse case scenario, we have bought more time. IN the best case, we are closer to NED.
Take care.

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The place where my colon now kinked a bit more caught a part of the small bowel...it was twisting to get free, and completely obstructed.

I had an NG tube for 4 days, and then a small bowel resection when it didn't clear.

Hang in there, it WILL get better! But, know that an NG tube is a NASTY thing...ask for something called Hurricane spray to cut down on the sore throat...I was sure dancing the day they removed that thing!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm with you on that one, Kathi. I HATE NG tubes!


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Well, mom is still in the hospital and will hopefully get the NG tube out tomorrow. Only time will tell if this worked or not. I feel so horrible for her and so helpless. I have had a NG tube twice after surgeries so this is one part of moms surgery/recovery that I know what she is feeling. It sucks...but luckily I have never had to have one put in while awake like she did. 2 NG tubes at 30 years old is enough for me for my lifetime...lol. She told the dr. today that she will never go through getting and NG tube again while awake. She is starting to get a little depressed about all of this and keeps telling me what she is craving to eat :( She is back down a bit in weight to a tiny 104 lbs tonight...so the nutrition she is getting through IV is at least not letting her lose any more weight, but she definitely isnt gaining any from it either. All we can do is pray this worked and pray that she will finally be on the road to recovery soon. Thank you all for your support, prayers, and feedback to this. One day at a time...

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I was put in a ward room with 4 other women...who all got 3 meals a day....mmmm hospital food even SMELLS good when you are denied! I was SOOOOO depressed!!!! One night I felt so bad during their dinners that I asked the nurse for a razor...lol...no, I reassured her, not for what SHE thought, but to shave my legs!

It made me feel so much better to be doing something other than waiting...I still remember, and when I am a bit bored or sad, to this day, I shave my legs!!!

Wierd, but it works!

I, too, had my NG tube placed while awake...and the ER nurse didn't know what she was doing...got a tube that was too big in size, so after 3 attempts, I asked for a different nurse...FINALLY got the RIGHT size, and tube in place...

I had IV nutrition, too...it did help...

Hugs to you and mom, Kathi

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