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tiny one
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Joined: Jan 2009

I had my checkup with my oncologist last week. He said my bloodwork looked good. I'm to have a CAT scan in August. If it is clear, then no more scans just chest x-rays. Very happy about this. Cancer free for 3 years.

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Time for the naked happy dance!

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Hi Tiny

You see that? That's the cancer in your rear-view mirror - it's looking to be a distant memory every day for you - 3 years is terrific - all the signs are looking good for you.

Just wanted to say Hi and wish you well:)


tiny one
Posts: 467
Joined: Jan 2009

Forgot to mention about the new pup I have. He is a 4 month old Min Schnauzer. He is a rescue pup. Owners got him first and didn't ask their landlord. He is so full of energy and is always into mischief. I think puppy classes are in order. My older Schnauzer is not very about him but is not quite as snappish to him. Craiq how is your new baby?

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Joined: Jun 2009

Well, these 2 must be related - trouble and mischief combined with high energy - yep, he'a been a handful but he's got moments when he's a blessing too:)

He's coming along just fine, very healthy. His growth is phenomenal - growin' like a weed:)

He's developing great and from what I can see, agility could be his thing - he's super fast and has got some great moves, he'll fake you right out of your shoes, LOL:)

Harley is 4 1/2 months now and up to 38 lbs. now - he's like a video camera - the eyes are always on watching and puttin' it all together.

Obedience is in the works for him too - we took him to the dog park for the 1st time this past weekend - it was fun to see him running around - think he got overwhelmed and spent after awhile, but a great first time.

I'm so glad that you got you a new one too. Sounds like yours will be a joy to you as well - ah, the puppy days, huh? They grow up so fast, mine is a "little" golden retriever, he's a pup in his mind, but his body is just taking off. I'm going to post some more pics in about 6-weeks when he reaches 6-months old. There are a couple out on my page right now.

Take a pic and put it out on your expressions page - I'd like to see your new baby:)

Really happy for your good news and your latest "arrival." I hope it's clear sailing ahead - it sure sounds like it - hope to join you shortly.


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Congratulations, you really have something to celebrate!

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That's GREAT news!

Stats show 80% of recurrence happen within the first 14 months to 2 (or three) years (depending on who is asked) so sounds like the CURED word is not far behind!

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a smile to my face each and everytime someone dances with NED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations, Tiny! I'm so happy you're free of cancer! I have no doubt you'll remain that way.


Fight for my love
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Great news!

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That's fabulous news!!!


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congratulations on continued NED!

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