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Update on Tim - PET Scan

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Hi everyone

Tim had his first PET scan a couple of weeks ago, the cancer moved to his bones and lungs. Five spots on his bones and two in his lungs. He goes in today for a bone biopsy. The doctor said they could not do the lung because the spots are too small and they could damage the lung instead of getting a sample.

He had an open sore on his neck we thought was breakthrough from the radiation treatment, but those results came in yesterday and it is cancer, they are 99% sure it is the same cancer.

He also had a brain scan last Friday and we are waiting on those results.

Once we get the results from bone biopsy we will push forward on getting him into Sloan-Kettering for a second opinion.

He is in pain with the bone cancer, started having that before we even knew it had spread.

Please pray for him - Cathy

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Glenna M
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Cathy, I am so sorry to hear about the latest test results but you must keep the faith and believe that they will find a treatment plan for him that will have good results and you two will have much more time together.

You are both in my prayers,

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Prayers on your way Cathy & Tim....stay positive and strong.

God Bless,

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If I may ask how do they know it;s cancer if the biopsy has not yet been done. Is the PET showing uptake and do you know the size of the spots?

Kent Cass
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Yes, very sorry to hear the most recent news about Tim, Cathy. Know you are in our Prayers.



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