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Stage IV Head and Neck Cancer

Mountain Man
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I was 42 years old. I had a sore throat and went to a General Practitioner for antibiotics. He told me to go to UPMC Ear Nose & Throat Hospital that day. I had seen a surgeon 2 hours later and he was 99% sure it was cancer but wanted a biopsy to confirm it. I had Stage IV Head and Neck Cancer, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, that started in my tonsils metastasized to my lymph nodes on both sides of my neck. I was in a clinical trial study and was given Erbitux for the chemotherapy and 7 weeks, 5 days a week, of intense radiation to my neck. I had the surgery in February 2009 and it is now April 2010 and 4 PET/CT Scans later, I am cured. The Doctors at UPMC, University Pittsburgh Medical Center were excellent. They told me that they would cure me when I was diagnosed at a greater than 93% + chance and they were right. I would recommend them to anyone with cancer. They are straight up with you and do not wait around. They form a team and take care of everything right now, not tomorrow. The surgeon Dr. Kim was from UPMC-Ear Nose & Throat, the Oncologist Dr. Argiris was from UPMC-Hillman Cancer Center, the Radiologist Dr. Arai was from UPMC-Shady Side Hospital and now he is at UPMC-Magee Woman's Hospital, all in Pittsburgh, Pa. THEY SAVED MY LIFE!!!

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Glenna M
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Mountain Man, It is always an inspiration to read about good news such as yours. Cured is the best word anyone can hear and I'm happy that you are now cured. Now go out and enjoy your life as you have truly been blessed with another chance.

Again, congratulations!!! Time for another happy dance ;-)

Stay strong and keep smiling,

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Sounds almost I dentical to my diagnosis and treatment was simialr, almost the same time frame. Read my bio for all of the specifics....

Did they test the biopsy for HPV, very likely chance that was the source?


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Mountain man
Great news, I was also in a clinical trial with Ebitux in conujunction with other chemo drugs and with twice daily radiation. I was of unknown priamry as John mentioned HPV+ I had a similar experience at U of Chicago working on you as a team. I am 4 months out and so far so good. Glad for your good news

Kent Cass
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Of your C treatment, Mountain Man, and the success you are testimony to. Great news for all of us. Thank you. All success stories are a blessing to everyone.


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Well done MM ! Nice to hear a good story.

I had similar but Stage I SCC of L tonsil and 2 possible mets. Had surgery first to excise tumor from inside only. Rads and Erbitux IMRT 7 weeks. Had a bad run with treatment but doing well now almost 7 months out.

Curious are you doing different diet or other lifestyle change since ??


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