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after surgery

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I am 3 weeks post surgery today. Have had some complications and had to go back to the hospital. My incision came open after removal of staples about 7 inches, and I was severly constipated. i am packing wound now twicw a day, and it looks good no infection. They do say that I have air trapped under my diaphram from surgery and that is causing me some discomfort. It seems to move around and can't seem to get out yet.
Doctors are very incouraged, they say I am cancer free now, and I will have to chemo as soon as my body is ready to mop up anything they didn't see.
I just heard about Patti, I am devistated. She and I talked on the phone alot and texted each other too. I will miss her.

I don't get on the computer much yet, but I know I soon will.


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I hope your incision continues to heal and the air goes away very soon, that will make you feel a lot better. In another 3 weeks hopefully you will be on top of things, healing does take time.

Take care

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I was just thinking of you this morning (knocks wood). No kidding. I was reading Roger's caring bridge update and realized you were also recouperating from your liver resection.

Glad to hear there are just a few dips in the healing process and that you are doing well. That is so encouraging to the rest of us. Roger's Kim is packing his wound also. We also have a fairly new member who is getting liver resection at Loyola (I think) next week.

Congratulations on the successful surgery. Come back and give us the details when you are able to.

Take care - Tina

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It is good to hear from you. I am so glad to hear you are cancer free. Best wishes for a continued recovery.

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Paula G.
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I think it sounds like good news. Keep it coming!!!!

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