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Here's to a successful Surgery for Jesse & (Mrshisname - Maria) - Tuesday 4-27 He gets his cancer removed

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I will be praying for you guys!

Randy In Indy

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Joined: Jan 2010

So the waiting and deciding is all over.

My God be with you both tomorrow and bless the surgeon's hands.

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Keep us informed how it all goes... the hard part is over....(picking a treatment for a cure)
altho right now he is probably do the nasty prep work needed.... I know I hated that part...

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You are in our prayers...all the best

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The prep is done and he is dozing on the couch listening to music. We are leaving at 7 and meeting some friends who are going with us to sit with me during the waiting. I'll have the laptop with me and so will post tomorrow night.
Thank God for all of you and your support. See you on the 'other side'!
Love Maria and Jesse

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I hope all goes well. We will be waiting on the other side.

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We are looking forward to hearing a good report!


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My thoughts and prayers are with you. Good Luck


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