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How long does it take

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My dad was diagnosed the first of March with tongue cancer. He has not started treatment yet. He has talked with the Chemo and rad doctors. This Tuesday will be 2 weeks since they did the first planning session for rad. The nurse and doctor assured us that it normally takes this long to get started. I am assuming that he will start this week or early next week. How long did it take those of you who did not have surgery first.
Is this normal and will the delay cause the treatment not to be as successful?

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I was Dx on 31 Dec and had surgery on 15 Jan. The rads and chemo started 17 Feb. Waiting a month to start treatments I think is typical. More than that would be of concern.



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I have faith in the people in the rad office that they were telling me the truth. If he does not hear something by Wednesday of this week, I am going to call them again.

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Hi Pumakitty, my treatment plan was pretty much in place around December of 2010, then dentist, sim, make a mask, etc. So the time it took from treatment plan--I hope I'm understanding you correctly---to first rad was three to four weeks. I had the same thoughts you do, and asked my doctors if my time was typical, and if the "delay" would effect my treatment. I was told my time was typical, and as I've read since, it is. I do believe if you have a faster spreading instance, they will try and expidite. So my experience seems to be normal, though you and we all have to know the c is isn't taking a time out while you get yours guns loaded. The doctors figure a slowly active area will have the same cure rate if treatment is started in what they must feel is a professionally acceptable amount of time. Those quandries are tough for all of us, but the cures are strong, and I hope and believe that they can adequately handle and extra week or so.

best, Hal

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Thanks that makes me feel better that somebody else had the same experience. I know when the doctor was talking about the differention (?) that is was not the one that grew that fastest(if that makes since(.

Kent Cass
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11/18/08- took the two lumps to my regular Dr

12/8- first ENT visit w/needle biopsy

12/21- surgical biopsy in 5 places, including cutting of throat for access to top-tumor

12/31- Pet Scan

1/29/09- PEG installed w/surgery

2/2- a second surgical biopsy in oral/nasal area w/exploration

2/5- Power Port installed w/surgery

2/9/09- first day of Chemo, and first Rad session

Pumakitty- this is how it went-down with me. Takes some time to get the ball rolling, so to speak. My Med team was in the Quad-Cities of eastern Iowa, with direct ties to the U of Iowa in Iowa City, for what it's worth. I thought they were dragging their heels, but it all worked-out okay, in the end. Hope this helps you.


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