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Latest results and plan

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I spent the weekend at my best friend's home on the Suwanee River. It was wonderful medicine. Needed some time to absorb the latest developements and also took advantage of lots of distracting activity, so it was a good balance.

I had a PET scan Thursday. Funny thing prior to it, I had a complete meltdown and was very seriously considering walking out and just not doing it. I asked to speak to the RAD/Onc to have her explain how the visit on Wed. went from the Med/Onc. reviewing the CAT scan and saying we will see you in three months for a PET, to my visit with her resulting in being in the the waiting area preparing for one the next day. She was not available, but her nurse came out and talked with me. She was successful in calming me down and convincing me that getting the PET was a good idea, even if I decided to do nothing right away about the lung issue. She said to come to the GI clinic after the PET and she would make certain that the RAD/Onc, Dr. Hoffe, went over the test results with me. I got the PET, made my way to the GI clinic and did indeed spend 30 unscheduled minutes with Dr. Hoffe. She was very concerned about my mental state and could not have been more attentive. The PET scan showed an increase in size in the area of thickening in the pleura (the membrane that emcompases the lung)of my left lung. There is apparently also a lymph node under my sternum that is showing a little activity, so now we need to know what is going on there as well. I met with Dr. Robinson, Thoracic surgeon, Friday for a consult regarding the VATS procedure. It is scheduled for May 11. It will require a 2-3 day hospital stay. He and Dr. Hoffe both seem to be of the opinion that for an otherwise healthy 54 year old to have this appear, it is in all probability anal cancer. Well I am certainly hoping they are WRONG! However, I realize the procedure is necessary and will prepare mentally to proceed.

I want all of you to know how very much I appreciate the support of this forum. I find myself hesitant to post information that may be less positive in nature. I discussed this with my best friend, Teresa, this weekend and she brought to my attention that in doing so I am denying the others on this forum the opportunity to give back. She reminded me that being here for each other is what this forum is all about. For that I am thankful.

Blessings to all,

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Coming too this forum is a big help, I started hoping for good news. I have sclc and was looking for some long term survivors. I am 51 and am raising 4 grandchildren. 5,7,7,9. The twins we adopted straight as the parents did not want them. anyhow this sight can give you the hindsight of others. Here and there I can offer a little. miracles still do happen, God Bless joy

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I am so sorry you have been so distressed, and I'm glad that your dr and nurse took the time to give you your results immediatley. Its the not knowing that is so scary to me. It sounds like you have a plan of action on May 11, at that time since I'm unfamiliar with the vats procedure you will have more information as to what is going on in your lung. Please never feel bad about posting negative news, I want to hear everything, and to hopefully offer support. Whatever needs to be done, I know can be. I hope everthing will turn out good for your vats procedure and you'll have a definite answer as to how to proceed. I will be praying for good results. Lori

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I, too, thank you for updating us. We are all here to support one another, good news or bad news. We all know the realities of this disease. Sometimes a little more is required than just the standard protocol to kick this cancer to the curb. I am sorry you are having to go the extra mile, but please know that we are all walking beside you to support you and help you in any way possible. It's understandable that your emotions are running high right now--you are entitled to that. It was very compassionate of your doctor and his nurse to fit you in to his schedule to discuss the findings of your scan. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers between now and May 11th. and I hope your procedure will go well and give you the results we are all praying for. Take care and keep us posted.


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Can certainly understand ALL your thoughts and feelings... So sorry you are having to go through this. Sounds like you are blessed with thoughtful compassionate Doctors who are on top of things and have your best interests at heart. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days. Please keep us posted :)


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Hi Joanne

I too am sorry to hear this news.....but know that the reason for this site ( that you created :) ) was to share and support each other. NONE of us has not needed to share and vent less than positive energies! If not to us, then who? I find that we are the only ones that TRULY know what each other is going through. We understand all to well the waiting, worrying, planning, etc that is involved in our health. I save the rosier pictures for my friends and family.
You are in my prayers! Keep us posted Joanne!

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I echo the thoughts that posting bad news is not to be avoided! We all are so glad that you started this forum for us. I am sorry you have had a set back but glad the doctors did move immediately and discuss results immediately and set up a plan. I have no insights, either, into this new development but my thoughts and prayers are winging there way to you.

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the kind words, prayers and positive thoughts. My husband, Lilli and I are heading out in the RV tomorrow to Fernandina Beach, on Amelia Island, for their annual Shrimp Festival. I have put all the negative feelings back in the box, put the lid on it and put it up on the shelf.

I will stay in touch and hope that all of you do something that makes you happy; reward yourself for the strong person that you are!!!


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Hi There Ms Duke,

I was just thinking...when I joined another anal cancer forum with my Stage 4 situation, someone told me about a Canadian woman who was still in remission but had needed more than one re-section surgery to get rid of mets to get there. I think it is important for all of us to give it all we have got. Even if it seems crazy and hopeless..."What? Another surgery?"... by the way, can you remind me what chemo drugs you have had?

I got up a steep hill on a bike recently by forgetting about "Can I make it up this hill?" and keeping my eyes on the pavement and repeating, "All I am doing is pedaling a bike. All I am doing is pedaling a bike." I guess it was Buddhist in nature. But the same with these awful cancer treatments. Forget the top of the hill. Every person has their own hill to crest and so many factors in life affect which hills we climb. But they all have peaks and valleys hidden among them! Just keep your head down and remember, every day, all you are doing is pedaling a bike. All anyone is doing is pedaling a bike. When we take our focus off the outcome--which may be revealed to us in 5 minutes, 13 months, or 9 years--we FEEL better. It ain't over til it's over, for ANY of us. If you are not planning to keel over TODAY, for instance, find a comfortable bike, put it in a low gear, kick off, pedal slowly, and keep a comfortable pace, literally or figuratively, tomorrow and countless tomorrows after.


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