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Miralax prep not "The Bomb"...

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I am a stage II-B, 6 year survivor, so I have to do annual colonoscopies. Two weeks ago I did a miralax prep at 6:00 pm. after some Dulcolax. By 3 a.m. nothing had happened. I had a low resection in '04, so I don't get much warning when the urge to purge hits me. I was fighting to stay awake about then when I suddenly felt the need for privacy. I raced for the bathroom, fell, tore off a toenail under the door and landed face first in the john by the toilet.

I didn't go again until 5 a.m. I showed up for the exam at 6:30 and warned them I wasn't cleaned out. They gave me a warm water enema and away to the scope I went. When I was conscious again, it turned out that in fact I wasn't prepped(no surprise to me)enough for the scope to be useful. Interestingly, the doctor said I was one of a number of patients recently who didn't seem to get much reaction from the miralax until hours had gone by. He suggested I get my foot xrayed, too. ( I did and a couple of toes were broken...I gave my all for this prep). Later that morning,limping around, the prep started to take effect in earnest...or maybe I dreamt that....I don't remember.

Anyone else had this problem wtih Miralax before? I'm not going back to the chalk-water, but I am going to try the pills again. It's just all part of the hassle from this disease.

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I had my 4th prep this past week. I used 4 Dulcolax/Miralax 238 grams/ 64 oz Gatorade. I drank 8 oz glass every 15 minutes for 2 hours and 4 hrs later it was still sloshing in my stomach.I had to take a Zofran to keep from throwing it all up. Finally at midnight it started working and continued all night.

This is the first prep I have had since my right colon was removed and a resection.Prior to this the Miralax worked very well. I will say that I WAS very clean by the time of the colonoscopy. Gastro was impressed because he usually has patients use Trilyte but I requested to use Miralax.


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I don't have that problem but sure do feel for you! I assume your yearly scopes are because the tumor had broken thru the wall.... Have they found new polyps each year?

Were they able to do the scope later in the day and how's the foot? OUCH!!

I need to schedule a colonoscopy and I'm already planning to go on a liquid diet for 1 1/2 days prior to prep to make it easier!

Hey, I have jury duty next week. My problem is that my 'new normal' means time in the bathroom between 9 - 10 every morning. On Sunday, I have to either get up at 5 and try to force myself or just not go. If I get chosen for a trial, do judges allow you to raise your hand and ask to be excused for a potty break?

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and I need that today, thanks. If you get called for jury duty just tell them you have an intestional problem from colon cancer, you will get excused.

Last year I was called and went, what a trip, one young gal showed up in her pajama bottoms (they had sheep and clouds on them) and pink curlers with a scarf partially over them, said she didn't have time to get ready. It can be better people watching than Wal-Mart.

Went back to work (work for lawyers) and told them we spend so much time prepping for trial to get everything perfect and a lady in pajamas and curlers might make the decision.

Take care - Tina

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Dear Diane,
I had had polyps every year, so I keep on with the exams. I had to just reschedule it for a month later.

There isn't enough space to describe the 20 years of jurors and their bodily function problems I have seen...fainting, falling,deafening flatulence, snoozing, snoring,etc. But, if chosen, and I hope you are because it is next to voting as one of our most cherished rights and duties, just tell them you need to have these breaks and ask to sit near the door if that's possible. The trial can only occur if all jurors are present in the courtroom at the same time (same for the jury deliberations). So they can't go on without you. My toilet flushing was the sound the lawyers listened for to know I was on my way into the ct.room. I also had to vomit a time or two wearing my chemo bag under the black robe. It's a real distraction during the trial.

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I'm not the one with the colon cancer in the house, but, when I did this prep with the Dulcolax, Miralax and Gatorade it seemed to me it took a few hours longer to work than the old stuff but was way easier taste wise to get down. Just think you need to start way earlier than their directions state unless you want to be up all night. Yuk. Yuk. Yuk.


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Well we have something in common, I also do not respond quickly to the Miralex prep. Which is really strange as I am no longer one to suffer from constipation. After last surgery, which was just over one year ago, I spend the first couple of hours each morning very close to the bathroom. As you stated it can come on quickly! If you come up with a solution let me in on it, I dread the prep days.

As for jury duty, I have been selected as a juror twice and both times I felt it was an honor. Never understood why people dread it so?

Good luck to ya, and watch those toes! I have to admit I might have grinned a bit at the mental picture I had in my head while reading of your plight, sorry. Was anyone around to see it,... I mean help you out ;).

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2-8oz bottles of Mag Citrate and that was it and was clean for the scope the next morning. I was suppose to do 3 but ran clear because Im sure of the light eating a couple of days prior. It was the easiest prep I have ever done...

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I loved jury duty. It did not hurt that a very good friend was the jury foreman and that usually meant lunch with Jessie. I was called four times and six years ( not sure if my bud had anything to do with that - doubt it - moved in the same town once though), was selected twice.

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I was glad to see greybeard comment on the hilarity of the visual! Sorry, but that is just funny, no matter how you look at it, cause we've been there, although I've never broken a toe or two trying to make it to the toilet! I do remember taking a fall at a local restaurant wearing some very cute shoes with not very safe soles! My daughter and her boyfriend were behind me at the time and he could have busted a gut trying to keep from laughing! :)

And since we're confessing our geekiness, I was finally summoned for jury duty and I was HAPPY to get the summons! Ecstatic I was picked to sit on a jury too! Almost everyone else was whining about the inconvenience and hoping they didn't get picked! It was easy to have my prayers to be picked answered ;) I mean to say, I got my usual paycheck AND I got a small refund of my taxes!

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It sounds like everyone does react differently. I did do a light diet the day before and then a liquid diet the day of the prep. I'm just wondering if it's too light, and there is just not enough bulk to keep things pushing through.

I must admit, I did have to laugh at my sorry self.

On plane rides I just load up with immodium beforehand, because I know from experience I can't fit in the cheap seats toilet, and now they won't allow you to disturb and abuse the first class potties on some airlines.

The vast majority of people who serve on juries are glad they did. It's an honor to be asked to judge our fellow citizens (that's why we call the judge "your honor"). A house is a home, and a court house is the home of our constitutional rights. I'm glad to hear that some of you served, even just by going and not getting picked, which is an essential part of the process.

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Guess I'm the exception because I've had really fast results with Miralax. It starts working before I finish drinking the Gatorade/Miralax mixture. However, last time clear stuff was still coming out the next morning. I didn't get a lot of sleep. One thing I've read about but haven't tried (but I will for my colonoscopy this fall) is to eat lightly for a day or two before the prep day. That's supposed to speed things along. Sorry about your broken toes. What a visual!

I get called for jury duty every few years, but nobody wants a now retired IRS manager who is a CPA and used to be a revenue agent. Gee, I wonder why not.

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Eating lightly for a day or two before makes a huge difference.

I'll be having surgery again soon, and will need a prep. I've now "done" Miralax, HalfLytely and MoviPrep. I think I may go for the MoviPrep - no cramping and very fast results (for me). I was clear before finishing the 64 ounces, and didn't have to finish it.

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Liquid diet the day of the prep, dulcolax at noon, start the gatorade/miralax at 4pm, a glass every 15 minutes until 6 - I was running by 5. I admit I got up a few times during the night, and had to wake at 4am to drink the mag citrate for the procedure at 830am. I really hate gatorade....

oh - the visual as everyone said - made me laugh - but I fell off of a pair of shoes (they were someone elses and very worn in a bad slant) and broke my foot!

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