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Vaccine for prostate cancer?

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I just heard a bit on the radio about a vaccine for prostate cancer that is likely to be approved by the FDA this week. Apparently it's administered in the same way as dyalisis. They didn't name the drug so I can't provide any illuminating info. They did say it would cost somewhere around $70K. Has anyone else heard of this and/or have more info? DANG, I just KNEW something like this would happen AFTER I had brachytherapy - LOL

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I believe the vaccine you are referring to is Provenge, a customized drug that several on this post have discussed. As I understand it, Provenge is designed to prolong life and retard cancer for those with advanced stages.

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I googled and found this article: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/04/26/earlyshow/health/main6433211.shtml

It sounds like it is for 'advanced cases' of prostate cancer and extends life for about 4 months in the studies done. So save your $70k and don't spend it!

Perhaps though it will lead to other findings.


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The vaccine expecting FDA approval 'Real Soon Now' is indeed Provenge (sipuleucel-T)

It has only been tested against advanced prostate cancer.
There are some links in this thread:

Lead to something? No, this IS something! It will be the first "active immunotherapy" to be FDA approved for the treatment of cancer.
The 4.1 month increase in median survival may not sound like much, but it is the largest increase ever seen in a phase 3 trial for any treatment for advanced prostate cancer. Other numbers from the studies showed an increase in 36-month survival from 21% to 32%, a 50% increase. That's not a trivial increase from my perspective.

From: http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100421/full/4641110a.html
"The vaccine is tailor-made for each patient by harvesting his dendritic cells — a type of immune cell — and exposing them to a cancer-associated protein called prostatic acid phosphatase. Once infused back into the patient, the exposed cells should trigger an immune assault on tumour cells."

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