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PHP some new hope for liver cancer patients

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check it out...I read somewhere else they ar submitting for FDA approval next month and hopeful for approval by summer of 2011 but should be available in Europe earlier...I'm asking my doc about it next time in!

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I just read the attached article and wanted to thank you for posting it, Stage4. My sister has been diagnosed and deemed "inoperable" that proceedure could offer a bit of hope for people like her.

Thanks again for sharing it

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Glad to share...my brother set me up at http://www.google.com/alerts while I was still in for my resection, unfortunately they couldnt get it all out of me... he entered "liver cancer" in the search line and my e-mail and I now get a digest every week with all the latest press releases worldwide pertaining to Liver Cancer, it's not as big a digest as you might think but new technolgies and medicines are released to check out and ask doctors about.

Good Vibes to you and your sister!

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