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abnormal cxr- what does it mean?HELP

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Had CXR last week- Doc is sending me for a ct. So I won't actucally speak to the doc until after the ct. Can anyone help explain this report and what it means? I don't want to get too worked up with anxiety-(as I tend to)
Heart is normal, no evedence of pneumonia or congestive heart failure.No pleural effusion. there is a round density noted in the posterior aspect of the t5 veretbral body which could be due to overlapping bony structures or bony island.(?)Pulmonary nodule is unlikely since this cannot be appreciated in the PA position. Arthritis of the thoracic spine is seen.(questionable round densityoverlapping the posterior aspect of the t5 vertibral body as described. comparison or further workup is recommended for better eval.-PA and Lateral views of the chest are otherwise unremarkable)
I am a 52 yr old F smoker(this WILL make me quit once and for all) otherwise in good health. Thanks for any input- (going for ct on thursday 29th)

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Quitting smoking is good for you no matter what the doctor finds this time. Worry isn't going to change the outcome, so relax. Besides, it isn't cancer until the doctor identifies it under a microscope. Even if they find something in your lung on a scan, they can only give you probabilities, not a certain diagnosis. An xray gives the doctor a 2 dimensional look at your innards. The CT scan is 3 dimensional. That lets the doctor rotate whatever looks weird and determine if you have any pulmonary nodules or if there is something else near your backbone in the chest section of your body. Good luck!

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Sounds normal, apart from the density in the vertebra. It sounds like they couldn't tell what that is (overlapping bone, arthritis?) so we certainly won't be able to. Wait until you have to worry to worry.

Do quit smoking. I did it, and my parents did it after 40 years' smoking after going to a seminar by the Allen Carr organization. You can get his book "The Easy Way to Stop Smoking".. I am not affiliated with it but highly recommend it! It really does not have to be hard to quit for once and for all!

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thanks for the replies, i havn't been stressing too much just waiting for the ct results. Yes I need to quit smoking. I think I will pick a date, load up on supplies (sugarfree hard candy, maybe the patch or nicotine gum, and straws to chew. I just love this website as it was so helpful and supportive when my husband had bladder cancer 7 years ago.


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