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Here goes...

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I'm leaving for NYC in a few minutes - first my CT scan, then onc appts. Hopefully my last 6 month checkup, and we can move on to annual scans...

I'm assuming all will be clear, but I also know that cancer doesn't play by any rules. And, since I'm normal, I'm nervous. I've premedicated likely IV sites with Lidoderm (since Folfox, my veins hurt.) I'm up and dressed, about to go as soon as my husband is ready.

I will have the results of my CAT scan today - I get everything same day since I travel so far. I'll also find out whether or not I'm having surgery this spring (I'm expecting that to be a "Yes" for this year.

I probably won't be back on line until tomorrow.

As Mel Brooks would sing "High Scanxiety!!!!"

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Hope all goes well

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Good luck. I will look for you in the waiting area at MSK (assuming you will be on the 5th floor at some point this afternoon).

Looking forward to hearing great news from you!

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You're long gone by now...but Best Wishes on what is sure to be a clear scan:)
See you when you get back in.


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Thinking of you today- sounds like a very big and tiring day. Wishing you well and keeping you in prayer right now...


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Good luck with everything!

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May your day end happily and may all scans be great ones..Love and Hope, Buzz

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Posts: 2178
Joined: Mar 2010

All scans clear, drs think that my cancer is likely history.

I am scheduled for my hernia repair and an exploratory laparascopy on June 21. I'm told 5 days in the hospital, but the dr's not expecting to find anything but my hernias.

Happy day!

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Good for you! It is a happy day.

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congrats on the great check up! Multiple hernias? ouch

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Yay! Glad for the clear scans and hope you are feeling relieved ( I KNOW you are!)


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great news...Glad to hear it. time to celebrate!

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I am so happy for you! That's just wonderful news! :-)
And best of luck on your upcoming operation.

- Cynthia

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Congratulations; what good news!

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Good Luck, I wishyou the best

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here's to an excellent, stress-free outcome!!!!!


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That is fantastic news! Good for you!

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