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A way to start off high school.

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Hi my name is Victor and I figured I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in September of 2009.

What I find hillarious is that I was getting used to high school and everything when my mom takes me to the doctors and says that I have to go to the doctors. "Ummmmm....ok" Weeks before I had many other biopsee's and ultrasounds due to a BIG lump on the side of my left neck. I was confused why there was a random bump on my neck. _____ So my mom drives me to UCSF childrens hospitl and Im a little excited but at the same time nervous because I knew my mom was hiding something from me. (PS: Im glad I told my mom right away about my bump on my neck). When I arrived there I didnt know I wouldnt be seeing my home for the next three weeks. Several seccions of chemo later, here I am a survivor at 14. I am still recovering and now is in high school again :/ haha. Well anyways All I have to say is that God helped me through the hardest parts of my treatment through Cancer and now can say that God healed me!

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I think I really needed to hear that this morning. I've just started treatment for Hodgkins and am just scared all the time and i'm 27! Hearing that a 14 year old made it with such a positive attitude really helps my spirits today!

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wow i just read your post and man i was excatly like you. i start off with a huge lump on my neck and i keep going to the doctors for atleast 2 years and all they would tell me was that it was infection. it was crazy. then finaly in nov 2009 i got the answer. and now im still undergoing chemothearpy at age 18. but 4 more weeks and itll be all over

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That is truly great and such a blessing to have made it through that at such a young age! God sure has blessed you and it is wonderful that you recognize Gods Graces! Congratulations and enjoy everyday you have! God Bless!

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Well done Victor!
Welcome to the survivors club! lol And at such a young age too!
I started with a lump in my neck too. My doctor ignored it for 6 months telling me it was nothing. huh! Shows what HE knew!!!!

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It's great to see a young guy come through this with such a good attitude! My 14 year old son was diagnosed with Hodgkin's in February and is about halfway through chemo. He's also struggling with high school and it really helps him feel less alone when he hears stories like yours. Thanks for sharing!

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Hello, I have to report that I have not been re-diagnosed with lymphoma or any other cancer ever since my last round of chemotherapy back 15 months ago. Have hope, and keep on fighting. I'm here as a witness saying that, I am healed and delivered from cancer and so can everyone else. Keep pushing. Keep fighting. I know it seems like you feel weaker each day, but you might not know it, but your becoming stronger each day.


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I just came across your post and your amazing, uplifting, encouraging, optimistic attitude brought tears of joy! THANK YOU! and will you be my friend! :) Janelle

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