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choroidal melanoma

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I was diagnosed with Choroidal Melanoma on my right eye in January 2010, by a Retina Specialist here in Birmingham, AL. It is a rare cancer, only effects 6 in one million people in the US. I was evaluated at the UT Hamilton Eye Care specialist in Memphis, TN, and returned 2 weeks later to have plaque radiation surgery. I had the plaque in my eye for 7 days and had to stay in Memphis. A week later, the plaque was removed, I had a few problems for a couple of weeks, double vision, extremely red eye, pain, and headaches. Two weeks ago I went back for an 8-week checkup. Three days before leaving for Memphis, I lost my eyesight, because of the large tumor size, 10 mm, being thick and the aggressive radiation. I was told by my Doctors that losing my eyesight was possible, but they are just trying to save my life. I am fighting depression, trying to sheild my family from worrys, depth perception, learning just to grocery shop or walk, or drive, with having vision only on one side. I can not work right now, and definately have financial pressures. My youngest daughter is a freshman in college, and is going really well- 4.0 GPA. I also have a son that is an Army Ranger, and has deployed three times. I would love to chat with others, being thrown into the "Cancer Scene" in the last 3 months, that can encourage me,as cancer effects so many. I will NEVER GIVE UP, I am blessed by God who loves me, and He will take me through this. I try to stay positive, and I WILL be a Cancer Survivor. My husband takes me to all of my Doctor appointments, my sister, family and friends love me. I would like to locate others that have experience and help, suggestions, and just be my friends..Thank you!!

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Hello, I would like to hear how you are doing now? I pray that you are well and have been able to adapt to your "new" vision.

My grandmother, also named Dorothy (I have made this account for her), is 84 yrs old and just diagnosed with Choroidal melanoma of the right eye. She is overall very healthy. You wouldn't think she was over 65! She does have macular degeneration in the left eye as well thus leaving her with poor vision bilaterally. We are still in the testing phase to ensure it hasn't spread to other areas. Her first appt at MD Anderson was this past Wednesday. She was given the options of removal of the eye or radiation with the plaque. She believes radiation is the answer; however, she is very concerned about the discomfort she will encounter during the procedure. Being in healthcare myself, I do believe we can control the pain with medications but she is unsure if she will be able to handle it. My research revealed that while uncomfortable and there will be some pain, many do well with just ibuprofen on schedule during the time the plaque is in place. Can you give some additional information regarding your experience that we can share with her? She knows that leaving it will cause more issues but is very anxious about treatment.

Thank you for your time and consideration! God Bless!


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Hope your grandmother did well. My 56 year old sister was diagnosed with choroidal melanoma in her right eye by 2 eye surgeons. Both said it was highly unlikely that she had cancer anywhere else and that she was a candidate for the radiation plaque therapy. She agreed to the procedure but was advised it takes 2 weeks to receive the radiation seeds from Mayo Clinic. I asked her oncologist to do a PET scan in the meantime. The results showed she had Stage IV B ovarian/uterine cancer. Then she had an MRI which showed a brain tumor. They did a gamma knife procedure to remove the eye tumor and the brain tumor. Last week she had a full hysterectomy to remove her uterus, cervix, appendix, and part of her colon. There is significant cancer in her lymph nodes behind her uterus which the doctor left in her since he was afraid of her losing too much blood. Once she heals from this surgery, she will start chemo and radiation treatments. If I didn't request a PET scan, she would have had the radiation plaque therapy on her eye and would have died within 6 months. Please pray she has a successful outcome!

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How are you doing now?

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