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My daughter wrote a poem-relay for life

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Some of you may recall my first post last August asking for advice on how to help my young children cope with my breast cancer diagnosis? I received such incredible advice from all of you and I can tell you that it really did help my girls get through my chemo, radiation, hysterectomy, and their Gran's death. So here's the latest...

Without telling me, my 10-year-old entered the poetry contest for our local Relay for Life. (I raised money for them last year and we all did the walk, but I wasn't going to this year because I thought it would be too soon. Anyway, now I am doing the "Survivor's Lap and Dinner" because my daughter won the contest!!! She is going to go on stage and read her poem and I couldn't be more proud!!!

This is how she viewed the last 8 months...for all of us:

Cancer is a battlefield
On the battlefield, you have your
army, weapons, and optimism.

The army in this case is your friends and family.
Without your army, you wouldn't be able to fight.
I believe your friends and family give you the courage and strength you need.

The weapons are extremely powerful.
The weapons used are strong spirits, dreams, hope, and the sentence, "I can do this."

Optimism may be the most important of all.
Thinking positive thoughts can cure it all.
Stand up straight, nice and tall. And you can do this - let happiness call.

I just wanted to share this with all of you.
Thanks for helping me get through these last few months.


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Brought a tear to my eye.
Kids have a sincere and genuine approach to things. You must be very proud. Thanks for sharing.



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You can indeed stand even taller and with more pride than you already do~ you have instilled such a sense of love, compassion and strength in the heart of your daughter~ bless both of you!!! This poem was such a pleasure to read; I can picture your daughter with pen in hand
(I am showing my age, I know...she probably did it all online LOL) with ideas in her head, writing and pausing to get it just right...and she did! How wonderful! Give her a big hug and a Thank You from all of the warrior-survivors!


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How sweet. What a darling daughter you have. This has made my day. Thank you for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing this! You have a remarkable daughter!

Sue :)

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A good reminder to us all.

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a beautiful poem and obviously the example you set for her. she learned a valuable lesson of life and how to get through adversity. She is a smart wise girl. You should be so proud!!!

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Kristin N
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A beautiful poem from a beautiful daughter!

Kristin ♥

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What a beautiful poem from your beautiful daughter. Her words have touched my heart and given me an emotional boost that I needed at this time in my journey. Thank you for sharing her poem. Please give her a hug for me.

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Hi Pitt, Haven't posted much lately since going thru surgery and getting myself ready for chemo in a couple of weeks, but just wanted to thank you for sharing your daughter's heartfelt poem. Her poem is beautiful and your heart must be near bursting with love and pride. This is a testimony to you and the wonderful job you're doing as a Mom. Your whole family deserves to be applauded for the love and support they show toward you.

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I just wanted to add Liz, that I love your new picture!

Sue :)

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you are a strong woman and a much-loved Mom. Thank you for sharing. Please tell your daughter that we are all proud of her.


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You must feel so proud! I know I sure would! How sweet of her to take your experience and put it into words and all without your knowledge. Enjoy that dinner celebration and stand tall & proud... you've got a lot to feel good about!

Hugs, Mar

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Your daughter has a lot of insight for only being 10 years old. Thank you for sharing it.

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What a wonderful daughter and what a beautiful poem!

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what a beautiful poem, brought tears to my eyes.

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Pitt thank you for sharing this. Congratulations to your daughter and to you and your husband. They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. The poem is an absolute tribute to you and your family. Our children learn from us. Obviously you and your hubby are excellent teachers. You are raising a great 10 year old daughter. How wonderful to attend a Survivor Dinner knowing your daughter is a guest speaker who has won the prize.

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Ten years old with ageless wisdom. Thank you for sharing your daughter's poem. xoxoxo Lynn

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for sharing these beatiful words, and for obviously raising such wonderful children. And please thank your daughter for creating this lovely poem. It really touched me.


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I can see why she won the contest. Congratulations.

New Flower
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Pitt thanks for sharing.Congratulations! Amazing talent to express her feeling and understanding of this fight.

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That was just beautiful.

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What a powerful poem! Your daughter learned a great deal from watching your battle. What a treasure she is! The messages she received from you (and friends & family) are the best she could have received. Congratulations proud Mama, you did an amazing job!
Hugs, El

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Thanks everyone. I showed her your comments to help boost her confidence. She is getting nervous. I plan to take lots of tissues with me as I watch her give her reading at the relay for life. Thanks again...for everything!!! Pitt

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Megan M
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WOW! What a great girl you have!

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Oh Pitt, what a lovely poem with a lot of wisdom mixed in there. Your daughter most certainly is a delight, please give her a hug for me.



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You have raised a beautiful and very thoughtful young lady who has so much class. Job well done my friend and thank you for sharing with your sister's online .LOL

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