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gallbladder polyps

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Two weeks ago I had my gallbladder removed because I had polyps in it. Yesterday the biopsy results were in and it showed that one of the polyps was malignant. My doctor says that I am cancer free however, since the gallbladder was removed and the cancer was in the gallbladder. I happen to be a worry wart and fear that this sounds too easy. My problem is that there is very little information about this type of cancer. Any one out there gone through this?

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I believe the treatment depends on the size of the polyp/tumor. My husband recently had his gallbladder removed (as well as some lymphnodes and a portion of his liver) because of a suspicious polyp. They ended up finding a tumor in the gallbladder (T2). Even though the cancer had not spread, he will probably need chemotherapy to try to prevent it returning elsewhere. We were told that if it had been a T1 tumor, chemo probably would not be necessary.

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I, too, had a gallbladder tumour. The surgeon removed the entire gallbladder, the tumour, and the tumour that had grown from the gallbladder onto the adjacent liver. Because I am still recovering from the surgery and so can't have chemo, I am awaiting a treatment plan. But I would opt for treatment. The problem with gallbladder cancer is that the tumour inside the gallbladder spews out "cancer seeds" that can get established elsewhere like the liver or the intestines, etc. This could have happened (was it a small tumour?). A short bout with chemo could do the trick to be sure. How does the doctor know that that was the only cancer? See other gallbladder discussions in rare cancers and in the liver section.

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A few weeks ago I was taken to emergency for extreme abdominal pain. One side of my stomach was more swollen than the other, so they sent me for an ultrasound.
During the ultrasound, apart from a severe stomach infection, they also found large kindey stones and on the screen, what looked like a rock concert of polyps in my gallbladder. The technician told me that he was going to do a few tests, checking for blood flow and shadows. At the end, he told me that the polyps were malignant. I am still waiting to see a specialist, but I am scared as hell. My Mom had two tumors and breast cancer (which she survived) and my Grandfather died from prostate cancer. Cancer scares the hell out of me, as do hospitals. I don't want to say anything to anyone as they most likely will say "don't worry about it." or "you're over reacting" and maybe I am, but it is draining carrying this inside of me, trying to be positive, but that negative part keeps creeping in. I guess there isn't a question here.... I just feel... helpless and I don't know what to do. I am sitting here waiting for my appointment and all the poking and prodding, thinking, "what if?". Am I blowing this out of proportion??

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Hi Jason,

I just saw your post - sorry for the delay in responding to you.

Have you seen your specialist?  What have they done and where are you in your journey?

Cancer IS scary.  And, you have every right to feel however you feel.  By now, the docs have probably scared the crap out of you with all the statistics, etc.  Just remember, you are a person...not a statistic.  It is important to make sure that your medical team sees you as such.  If they ever seem to forget that, remind them! 

Please update us and let us know how to support you.  btw - in the next day or two, there will be a new Gallbladder Cancer thread started for 2013.  That is the place to post. 

Best wishes to you.


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