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Sorry its been awhile--chris

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Hi my family,
I no its been awhile and things have not been too good.. More blood clots, cancer has spread to his liver and mass in the lungs they thought was blood clot residue is cancer.. We are taking this very hard and not doing so good. Chris will have another PET scan on the 29th.. so far he wants to do no treatment. He said after the scan next thurs he will make his final decision.. You all are so strong but i just feel helpless... thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.. I love you all


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We have all been thinking about you and Chris. I am so sorry to hear that things have gotten harder for the two of you. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you as Chris makes some final decisions in the next few days. I hate that you are going through this. Holding you in the light.


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thank you so much Kathleen... i am so glad i have friends like you to lean on... it means more than you no!!


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I wish for peace and comfort in all of your decisions and that there is a tranquility of comfort that will consume your entire family...Love and Hope to you and yours......Clift

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I am so sorry for this lates news. Hopefully, they will come up with a treatment plan Chris is comfortable doing and will do. Of course, ultimately, the decision is his to make. Please tell him about Jennie (idlehunters) she had mets to the liver and lungs a short time ago and now is NED and George, who also has mets to liver and lungs and is doing well with treatment.

Take care and come back and let us know what the new scan shows.


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Hi Melanie,

I am sorry to hear this. Like Tina said, I hope that they will come up with a good plan that Chris is willing to do + will knock that cancer on its a$$. Please let us know how things go after the CT scan. Take good care.

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This is just heartwrenching. I'm so sorry to hear this. They have jerked you guys around for 5 months about the liver lesions and on again/ off again lung stuff. Gosh I'm so sorry to hear this news.

Chris is still probably worn out from the reversal. Maybe he'll feel more like fighting this once he heals a bit more.

Praying for y'all,

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Thanks for checking in. I am so sorry to hear about more bad news with Chris's condition. What a horrible time for you both. And how discouraging for Chris. Like others here I hope that once the full extent of the cancer is known, that there is a treatment plan that can work for him, and that he can accept as helpful.

Thinking of you both and holding you in prayer.

Rob; in Vancouver

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So sorry Mel. I will be hoping for a strong treatment option for Chris. I hope you are taking care of yourself.
Thinking of you...


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Paula G.
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I too am sorry to hear this. I hope that when the pet scan is done there will be other options.
Get back with us after the scan. Thinking of you both. Paula

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Hi, Mel

I'm so sorry to hear about this too. Chris has sure been through so much and I know we all were hoping for good news after his big surgery he just went through.

I know he must still be recovering from that surgery and then to be faced with this, it's just numbing to hear the news.

It is a helpless feeling to not be able to fix your loved one's condition, but you are so very strong as well! And you've been right there step for step with him - and what a comfort that must be for you both and especially for Chris.

Chris is probably gathering his thoughts right now and is in that reflective period, where he's sorting and weighing his options to make his decision. I hope that he continues to go on if his condition looks favorable to do so.

All of us are in your corner!


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So very sorry to hear this, I will continue to pray for you and Chris. Dont give up, miracles do happen. Stay strong, and know we are all behind you..

God Bless

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