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Blood clots

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Well it's always something, I got the results from my recent Ct Scan which was on Tues. the 20th of April. I was told o.k. I have good news and bad news. Good news is that lung nodules are not growing and some seem to look like they are shrinking. The bad news is we seem to think there is a blood clot in the chest area. I have been through 6 rounds of Doxil and had the side effects with it, so I was not surprised to hear this news, but very scared now. I was told to go to the cancer clinic tomorrow to get directions on how to give myself injections of Lovenox once a day for 7 days, then I will have to be on something else pill form I guess. I had to go have another special ct scan today right away and they found more than one clot. They are in my lungs so now I am really upset now, my blood pressure was a mess when they took it at the hospital and now I have to wait and see what will happen with the blood thinners. I was the one who called to find out about my ct scan results I wonder what would have happened if I waited until Wednesday when I am suppose to see my doctor. Something just told me to call. Has anyone else on Doxil had this happen?

As the story goes.

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Oh Sharon, you certainly have had your share of challenges and now clots! Thank goodness you called to find out the results as delaying treatment could be disastrous! I am so glad you checked! I have some friends that don't get the results of tests for weeks afterwards. Whenever I had lab work or xrays, etc. ordered by the oncologist, I go over to the hospital the next day and get a copy of the results as I am not about to wait until someone "gets around" to calling. I love my Family Practice M.D. Any time she orders labs, xrays, etc. she always calls the next day to give me the results. Obviously she understands that patient's worry until they hear the results of tests!

Big HUGS to you...and hope those clots dissolve fast! Keep us posted!!


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Oh I'm sorry to hear the news. But at least you've got some positives with noducles smaller.

Have a very good friend who had 5-way bypass surgery and had more chest pains 2 weeks after. Apparently had 2 blood clots in his lungs. Doc put him on certain blood thinner and after 1 month all gone and he's doing great. Very scary I can imagine.

Be kind to yourself and know we're thinking of you!

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How scary for you..thank goodness you called...

Sending healing and calming thoughts your way. Please keep us posted on your progress!


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