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Has anybody participated in a Relay for Life??. I was reading the web site but I'm confused. To participate you need to creat a team? I would like to get an advise of what I need to take or to do. The next event in my community is in one week. Thank you!!

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Lots of ways to take part without a team.
1) contact the regional office or county chapter of American Cancer Society;
2) find out who your event's local chairpersons are and give them a call;
3) tell them your story, that your husband has cancer and that you're his caregiver;
4) ask them what you all can do to participate!

My wife (now also caregiver) and I attended the local Relay for five or six years,... before I suddenly found myself wearing a purple T-shirt, lighting a candle that had my name on it, riding the "people mover" in the first lap around the track (designated the "Survivors' Lap").

I hope your organizing committee has been as creative as ours has been in turning a 25-year-old idea into The Place to Be in xxx County, MO on the last Friday night in August.

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Good question, I had the same question last year(it was my first year).
You do not need a team, most of the teams are there to raise money for the American Cancer Socity. I thought I would feel out of place because I had only had cancer for about 6 months and didn't really feel like a survior at that time. And still don't, because I am still taking treatments for Brain cancer. My advice is go and enjoy the event!! You will not be sorry!!

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If you are reading this post, then you are a survivor. I know I am. I do know what you mean, though. I participated with our local Relay for Life a month ago, and have for the past seven years. Last August, I was diagnosed with a grade II Astrocytoma - which some people call malignant and some people don't. I had a craniotomy and I've had stereotactic radiosurgery. The tumor was only reduced by 50% and still has extensions. I wasn't sure whether to walk in the "Survivor's Lap", but all of the people that were there supported me and called my name and cheered for me, so I didn't have much of a choice. And I am so glad that I did show that I am a survivor. Even if you don't feel like you are, it will give others hope. The Relay for Life is there for you to support others, as well as receiving support and encouragement for yourself. Plus, it is usually a lot of fun!

Best wishes!

Michele S.

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So, nubis,... tell us about how it went.
I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to hear!


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