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Has anybody participated in a Relay for Life??. I was reading the web site but I'm confused. To participate you need to creat a team? I would like to get an advise of what I need to take or to do. The next event in my community is in one week. Thank you!!

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I would recommend contacting the closest branch of the American Cancer Society for the details.

I cannot speak for other areas of the country, but in my area survivors are invited to attend without the team you indicate. For instance, I recently received an invitation to participate in an opening lap along with one caregiver, followed by a reception. This probably changes yearly and place to place.

The team concept has to do with collecting funds for ACS, for research and support. Others can fill you in on that much better than I can, I am sure.

In the meantime, I am stoked that you are grabbing the bull by the horns, so to speak, and thank you as a survivor myself (twice now) for being pro-active in the fight against cancer.

Best wishes to you and Rafael.

Take care,


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