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CT scan

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Thanks for your encouragement though today it is hard to jump on that band wagon. I am shocked truly in how low I feel not being able to shake just how I feel. My God transpot me back 14 years ago to the days of finding out the worst.
Here it is, I am more concerned about what these two lumps can be. Ct scan did not include the arm so will have to wait on MRI on that bodypart not easing my mind. I think by the 29th when I see oncologist again she will have my file again since it was on paper and archived upon my first visit with her. My brain doesn't work that well anymore a bad case of chemo brain all these years, is my only hope. CT of entire hips, spine and head. I also think since I am going to Hereditary Program building they must have the results for this triple negative factor in first diagnosis tumors. That freaks me out to that they are able to go back and check for this because I was part of this study group.
I don't know if it is this false sense of security that has been blown out of water thinking negative HER was a good thing. Dolt...
Once again I want to know what might lie ahead but at the same time it is scaring the hell out of me...
Thanks for reading

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so what part of your body got the CT scan and what part of your body has these new lumps? - I am concerned but quite confused as well -

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Well I had CT scan of hips. spine and head to make sure no bone cancer going on since body aching where I have never had problems before as well as this hip pain that is back and I haven't experienced it since completing all treatments 14 years ago.
I have the two new lumps and one that grew in one month on the arm middle area between bicept and tricept. There was one lump that showed up on altra sound but couldn't tell what it was but this is not the same lump that grew in less than a month.
I find out that the oncologist could have made MRI priority and refused to so still waiting on the MRI which will be done on the arm only.
My concern of coarse this time has only been that I need fast track diagnosis since the last cancer started exactly same way and I did nothing but listen to doctors. Within 6 months of finding the very fist lump in my breast another lump grew in one week to size of golf ball in arm pit so no one had to tell me I had cancer I knew it my soul. I was very ill and stage 3 in another 2 months when finally diagnosed. I had been going to doctors on and off for years suffering fatigue and constantly getting ill but too young and too healthy to have cancer.
I can't wait for 8 months for an MRI in the real world since I could be dead by then. No one sees any problems with my history so far and that is truly what is most disturbing to me after all these years.
I go tomorrow at 3 pm to meet oncologist and once again will express disappointment that they are not rushing to find out what these new lumps are. They believe I am cured I guess and don't understand why I am concerned.
At least I am now well enough to work something I wasn't just a few weeks ago.

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