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seeking information

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Hi. My father just found out he has bladder cancer. He's 84 and has just spent five months sleeping very poorly due to enlarged prostate & having to urinate literally every hour or more. Now, we're awaiting biopsy to see how serious bladder cancer is (they can see a "thickening in the wall" of bladder but say they're unsure how much cancer has penetrated.
I'm concerned my Dad is in such a weakened condition that he may not be able to tolerate this operation(procedure) and, if it is more serious cancer, and he has to have bladder removed, I fear he cannot tolerate that.
Anyone know a place where I could actually speak to a doctor on the phone and have a candid, free-flowing question-and-answer conversation about bladder cancer?

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Hey BostonQuery,
I know what you are going through. My husband was just diagnosed with bladder cancer and I have gone through many websites to seek help. I got a name of a person who might be helpful to you her name is Paula. My husband had the tumor removed but not all of it. Granted he is younger then your dad, he is 52. We just found out that it was indeed cancer now we are waiting for a bone scan and ct scan to see if it spread to other areas. The woman is named Paula her number is 603-227-7000. She is a social worker for cancer patients and their families. She might be able to help you and steer you in the right direction. Good luck keep me posted.

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